Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Joyce Lavonne Evans Nielsen (Hone)

Since this blog is the only "journal" I keep, I wanted to note that my paternal grandmother, Joyce Nielsen, passed away last Wednesday evening.  By my Uncle Doug's account, she went peacefully in her sleep.  For that, I am grateful.
Without giving a formal eulogy here, I just wanted to say how much I'll miss her.
She was unapologetically herself and would tell you like it was.  She was honest, kind, humble, and (again) the the very best example of acceptance and unconditional love I ever expect to encounter.
It was a bittersweet weekend as Kenny and I travelled up to Utah to attend the viewing and funeral. I was so happy to be able to see so much family and to join them in honoring her and remembering her life. The services were beautiful.

It was said numerous times during the funeral how happy we were that she found Glayde Hone and had such a wonderful friend and companion these last few years.  To say he has been a blessing in all of our lives is a huge understatement.
I love you, Grandma.  
(Give Grandpa a hug for me. And maybe say hello to my future kids.)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gimme some white powder

Not that kind of white powder! This kind"
Movie Clip: "Better Off Dead" (As if you didn't know. And if you really didn't know, well, shame on you.)

So I have to say this winter has been good to me. The season started early, I got all new gear (thanks Santa/husband!), and I've had powder day, after powder day, after powder day. And it's only mid February. Doesn't get much better than that!

Here's some photos of the last trip to Mammoth. We were able to meet up with Skyler and Elise who were there with Skyler's boss and his family. A weekend with Skyler and Elise always makes the trip more fun (especially seeing Elise kill it on the hill!). The amazing omelet I had at The Mill and the buffalo burger Kenny got at Burgers Burgers made it even better. Being able to crash Skyler's boss' amazing cabin for free was icing on the cake.

(Me and Elise - in her much beloved, ultra warm turtle fur neck warmer.)
Me, Kenny, and Jeff (Skyler's Boss' nephew / aka an Alex Keaton from "Family Ties" reincarnate, only an awesome snowboarder with good style. I liked him. I also really like my orange pants and lime green coat.)

I think I need a fix of pure snow. The withdrawals are starting to kill me.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My husband: a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day - or - My husband: extra soft, 4-ply toilet paper when life takes a huge dump on you.

Kenny came to take me to lunch the other day – and not a moment too soon. Just when I thought I was going to choke on and die from more news of economic woe, my own workload, and increasingly annoying colleagues... he came. And he saved me.

How is it that one hour in the middle of the day spent with someone you love can make up for weeks of pent up frustration from people you definitely do NOT love. My colleagues should thank Kenny. Seriously. The only reason I’ve managed to refrain from gauging their eyes out or sucker-punching them in the throat is because I got to take an hour long break with my husband on a Thursday afternoon. Man I love that guy. I've listed just a few reasons below; hopefully they're not too cliche.

  • Who else would, upon learning his wife is sick, come home with hot soup and Disney’s Robin Hood (her favorite childhood movie)?
  • Who else would then indulge said wife as she pursued a philosophical debate on the morality of Robin Hood’s actions? (Whoever said The Rich didn’t earn their wealth?! Why should Robin Hood get to decide who deserves it and how it should be redistributed?!)
  • Who else would drive all night from CA to UT (changing two flat tires along the way) after his selfish/impatient girlfriend hangs up on him fuming that she’s “tired of dating a [stupid] telephone.”

  • Who else would encourage me to stick to my goals, but not judge me when I come up short?
  • Who else would tell me that I shouldn’t stress about paying my own student loans – that he’d be honored to accept that obligation should I ever stop working? And then actually encourage me to go back to school (if that’s what I want)?
  • Who doesn’t follow basketball at all and who doesn’t drink at all, but goes alone to a empty bar one night (for a steak dinner, he says) to watch “Kobe and LeBron go head-to-head” while his wife is out of town?
  • Who else routinely demonstrates the restraint of a God and even presents himself as humble and teachable when I take out on him my frequent need to vent?

  • Who else would rather spend his time pursuing self improvement than kicking back and relaxing once in a while?
  • Who else freak-danced my grandmother at one of the first family weddings he attended - oh wait, that was my cousin's husband, Ben. I guess that's why I like Ben. Moving on.
  • Who else actually and genuinely likes everybody he meets? And thinks they’re all truly good people?
  • Who else always offers to help anybody and everybody who might need it?
  • Who else hates Valentines Day because he thinks it’s stupid that we have one day set aside to demonstrate the kind of love that (in his words) “should be demonstrated every second”?

  • Who else decides to pull off the freeway to have a quick dance party?
  • Who else doesn't get that upset when his drugged-out girlfriend spits out bloody, sticky gauze into his lap as he's driving her home from getting her wisdom teeth pulled? (I don't totally remember this...but I believe it happened.)
  • Who else is best friends with all the old men in our ward?
  • Who else just laughs when said old men try to kiss his wife – on the lips – every Sunday?
  • Who else lets me climb into his arms like a little kid and just holds me as long as I want - even if he's busy?
  • Who else thinks it’s funny to dress up like an old man and then insist on going to Sizzler, "so he can fit in"? And who else argues “No, Jill! You don't even know. This is where Buffalo Plaid was invented!” And who gets mad at his wife when she won’t let him sit by all the old people at the restaurant?

  • Who else says, “What? You’re on your period? I couldn’t even tell” like he means it?
  • Who else has a purposefully awkward alter ego called “Pseudo-Kenny” that makes random appearances from time to time?
  • Who else gets excited by every opportunity presented to him?
  • Who else always sees the silver lining in every cloud – so much so that he openly welcomes and even loves clouds?
  • Who else always thinks I'm pretty and smart and right - even when I'm not?

Who else could have won me over so completely?!

Only Kenny.

Happy Valentines Day to my favorite person ever.

(Oh, and I totally understand if, after reading this, you've fallen in love with him too.)

Economics meets Fashion

My two loves (economics and fashion) collided today with Investopedia's word of the day: Recessionista.

And, yes, it means just what you'd think:

  • A person who is able to remain stylish during times of economic hardship. A recessionista can shop on a limited budget and still manage to be up to date on the most current fashions. A recessionista does not let a bad economy, inflation, or a strong recession damage his or her wardrobe and opts to search for sales and shop at thrifty discount stores instead.

In honor of today's word, I spent some time perusing The Sartorialist and found this:

First, I think I need to live in Paris. Second, I want to be friends with everyone in this photo - but especially with that guy in the fur trench coat. Wow.


I would have never guessed that the purchase of these gloves would make me feel so tough and empowered.
Pretty sure I can totally hold my own with these guys now.

Why is it then, that when I showed my new gloves to my husband, he just started giggling and saying things like, "you're so cute."

Can someone please tell him that I'm not going for "cute" - I'm a legit body builder.
Also, can someone please tell the guy in this photo how gross he looks. (Shudder.)

UPDATE: since people are asking, No, I do not plan to seriously body build.  Sure, I'd like to tone up a little, but I don't ever want to look like I pump iron. However, with my new super-human work-out gloves, I might even start using (gasp) EIGHT pound weights! (I rarely go above five. Honestly.)  My real motivation for the gloves was that I kept slipping off the chin-up bar and I hated touching the metal of my usual five pound weights.  That's all.  But I will say that with the gloves, I at least look like I belong in the weight section.  And somehow I feel less intimidated to be there. End of story.  

Monday, February 9, 2009

And then Universe threw me a bone.

So unless you’ve read my prior post, the Universe’s efforts to compensate me aren’t going to seem totally justified. I’ll just assume you’ve read all about how the Ultra-Lame Fullerton Police Department royally screwed both Kenny and me over on Friday with matching (and totally undeserved) parking tickets. And how I was the bigger person and didn’t even complain. I’ll assume you feel for us and would agree that the Universe owed us one.

Well, Universe delivered.

The setting: Pei Wei at lunch time.

Note: the restaurant was very crowded and busy.

I ventured out of my comfort zone a little today and ordered a real entrée. (I usually stick to my usual Vietnamese Chicken Spring Rolls because not only are they delicious, but at only 200 calories max I can eat them without feeling the need to punish myself at the gym.) No, the rainy weather and my growling stomach demanded a warm filling lunch, so I ordered a new menu item: the Thai Mango Chicken.

My lunch companions received their orders quickly, and cooked to perfection. My companions were chivalrous and insistent on waiting for me to be served before enjoying their own lunch. We waited. And waited. And waited some more. I finally decided to make sure my order hadn’t just been misplaced – the restaurant was really busy after all. Before I could even say anything, the manager said, “Your Mango Chicken is on its way, I’m so sorry for the delay. It will be out momentarily.” Satisfied, I returned to my seat.

Not two minutes later the Manager delivered my lunch himself and handed me a gift card, apologizing again for the delay. Score! I love free stuff. I also love proactive people and excellent customer service.

So, because I like to give credit where credit is due, Thanks Universe for hooking it up. I don’t blame you for the idiocy of my town’s police department, nor do I think you should have to compensate for its unjust dealings with regards to me and my husband, but I appreciate it. I’ll think of you when I’m enjoying some free lunch in the not-too-distant future.

The only casualty of this experience was my diet. I’ll definitely be repenting on the treadmill tonight.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Who's the idiot that leaves 'fliers' on windshields in the middle of a torrential downpour?


The Fullerton P.D.
And the 'flyer' in question actually resembled something akin to, oh, say a parking ticket.
(At least those guys are thorough, Kenny's car had one to match.)

Anyway, Happy Friday (to everyone who's not a cop, that is - a certain Officer Holmes not included, of course)!

Note #1: Yes, I'm bummed. We were parked across the street from our apartment - in the same spots we've parked our cars for the last three years. Damn those cops! Luckily our pending weekend trip to Mammoth with the guarantee of LOTS of fresh powder has been very effective in lifting my mood. So truly it is a Happy Friday!

Note #2 - am I spelling 'flyer/fliers' right? Word's spell check is accepting them both...this is going to bother me...