Sunday, January 30, 2011

Catch up - Lola meets (a lot of people), July 2010

So...Lola's had a lot of people to meet. Between both her parents, she sort of was born into a HUGE family. Lucky girl! (again, 2-ish months old in these photos, for the record.)

Her Great Grandma (and name sake) and Great Grandpa

Maddi sorta LOVES her.
And Laura (who may have the most flawless skin I've ever seen in person; I'm jealous). Drew, in the background wasn't so into actually holding Lola, but I think he liked her.

Lori and Steve love her, too. Like I said, she's a lucky girl.
Dallin, we more recently learned, has the magic touch. He's one of the few people who can get her to sleep while holding her. A rare gift indeed.
Maddi and Casey. (By the way, they're engaged! Yay!)
And here's our girl with my Uncle Greg, and Aunt Tiffany (and two of his four kiddos, Cali and Jace).
Brett, Kenny, and our girl

For the record, I was there, too.
I love this shot. Crazy to realize how much the Girl has changed in such a short time.
In short. We love our family. We also got to see a ton of Kenny's family on this trip, but I have NO photos, which I'm really bummed out about. To them, please know we love you, too. Very much.

That's all.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catch up - Provo Canyon in July 2010

It must be said: I love Provo Canyon.

I've spent countless hours up there and we always have to go whenever we're in UT. These were taken during our trip in early July 2010. My parents, sister, Kenny, and I (and Lola, 2.5 months old) went up to enjoy the weather and play some boccie ball. (This was also the day I came down with my first bout of mastitis. THAT part wasn't so fun.)

...and see how ugly we could make ourselves look...
we're really good at looking bad.

Then, I few days later we, my siblings, and April (a.k.a. Ryan's lady friend) returned for more boccie and some playing in the river.

Guess how this ended.
I realize this isn't a particularly big jump. The true feat was being willing to jump in that freezing water. Or, in Anna's case, get dunked in that freezing water.

Becca planned to jump. Really, she did. Unfortunately, halfway up the rock she slipped and ended up in the water anyway. Ryan (and some random guys) saved her though before she was swept downstream.
Lola and I hung out where it was dry and mostly took photos. As usual.
Our "Stand By Me" shot.
Again, we LOVE this canyon.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Catch up - Four Generations (July 2010)

We made a trip to UT in early July. On this trip we learned that traveling at night is a MUST with a baby in tow. Anyway, we had to grab the obligatory "Four Generations" shot. This one's of the Rollins women: Doreen, Lola Dee, Lola Gene, and Me. (I'm thinking we'll have to re-do this one now that Lola Dee actually smiles. She was 2 1/2 months old here.)
And one with Gramps, too.
And with Kenny's Brady Grandparents. True, there's one generation missing, but, well it's as close as we'll ever get. (We miss you, Ken.) So here's Grandpa "K", Kenny, Lola, and Grandma Faye.
Back in the days when Lola would still fall asleep in a persons arms.
They have a pretty epic garden. Grandpa had to scale it back in recent years, but (as he's showing Kenny below) it's still HUGE.
(This next photo is still only a fraction of the total "scaled-back" garden. HUGE, I tell ya.)
Wow...two posts in one evening. If I can keep this up, I'll be relatively caught up in no time!

Catch Up - Peach Days 2010 (Early Sept.)

So, Peach Days. The small town festival in Brigham City that boasts a parade, carnival, 10k, car show, craft fair, beauty contests, mullets/bump-its, and much more. Although it's a trek for us to get up there every year, especially now with a kid in tow, attending Peach Days has become one of Kenny's favorite traditions. Anyway, this year was especially fun because (like everything lately) it was Lola's first. (For reference, she was 4 1/2 months at the time).

First, I must document how chubby she was... seriously. Those thighs!

Lola was able to meet Glayde Hone on this trip. He was my late Grandma Nielsen's second husband. He also happens to live around the corner from my (still living) maternal grandparents. He was a wonderful friend and husband to my grandmother and was so great at the end while she was sick. He continues to be great as he's helped out my other grandparents since my Grandpa Rollins' stroke. Did I mention that I think he's pretty great?
Speaking of my Grandparents (Rollins)...

Back to the festivities...
A BBQ at my uncle Don's before a group of cousins head out to the lake for some late season wake surfing.
There was a ton of little girls born recently...(Evie, Lola, Emmy, Kennedy, and Miley...they were missing Reagan!)
Grandma and Lola
Cam and Nate...someday, Nate will be bigger than you, Cam!
It was also my Grandpa's birthday. Here he's enjoying his favorite banana cake.
So...for some reason I'm missing a ton of photos. For record's sake I also wanted to mention that this was the first year some of us ran the 10k. It was a last minute thing, by my brother, Ryan, and youngest sister, Anna, decided (the night before) to go for it. And it was really fun! Maybe next year we can get some of the others to join, or at least get them to come cheer for us! It was a lonely run for the Nielsen siblings, but at least we had each other.

Peach Days 2011 has its work cut out for it! Can't wait!