Thursday, May 28, 2009

First things first. I admit that I read gossip/celebrity mags. Especially while getting my hair done and while lounging pool-side. Also, I regularly check celebrity websites (mainly for the clothes...but while I'm there I'll read up on who's dating who and which famous family is vacationing where, etc.).

I admit these sad truths. However, despite the fact that I can rattle off the names of various celebrities' children and recognize a socialite by her shoes, I insist that I'm not one to get particularly star-struck when I personally encounter celebrity. After all, if I've learned anything from the magazines, it's that "Stars are just like us" right? Well, they are (minus the paid entourages and excessive liquidity and free stuff).

I should clarify. I USUALLY don't get star-struck. Usually. Like, I'd probably try to molest Jason Schwartzman, given the opportunity (and with Kenny's consent, of course). Such was also the case last Friday when I met my favorite "folk parody band" members, Bret McKenzie & Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords and their friend Arj Barker (a.k.a. "Dave"). Also, I "met" Albi the Racist Dragon - and its creator. It was magical and the best start to what turned out to be a pretty glorious Memorial Day weekend. (Thanks Hudd and Amelia and for always having the hook-ups!) Now some pics!

Bret needs you to know that he's not cryin' rather there's an inflamation in his tear gland.

Meanwhile Jemaine recounts the story of Albi, the racist dragon, whose tears turned into jelly beans all the colors of the rainbow.
Somehow we got to withness an award ceremony after the show where the duo was given medals and this Puss in Boots cardboard cut out. They were touched.Bret was surprisingly tall. And awesome. Hudd, Amelia, Kenny, and I were enjoying a very late dinner after this, and Bret walked in with some crew members. He saw us first and beelined straight to our table to chat and to eat Kenny's fries. I love him, I think.
Jemaine was sweet, too. Kinda shy, but nice. was marvelous. And Bret, you may have just been being nice, but next time we go to New Zealand, we will totally take you up on your offer to stay with you. I'm not joking.

The End (for now).

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lube it or Lose it.

Remember when we welcomed the new addition to the Brady family? I wrote about it here. Well, the little guy is having his first doctor's visit today...

Okay, no more baby analogies. (I guess when all you read about on friend's blogs anymore is about babies, you can't help but draw parallels in your own life.) So, no; there is no Brady Baby. Our "baby" I was referencing is our new little Subaru that we bought less than a month ago. The "doctor's visit" is its first oil change. Yes, in less than a month we've racked enough miles on that poor thing to warrant an oil change.

That's either really sad and depressing or it's awesome. Considering all we've done this month, I'm going with awesome.

Update: I just realized I'm blogging about an oil change. Sad. I promise my next post will include celebrities, concerts, snowboarding, and stimulating conversation - and that will just about cover my amazing Memorial Day weekend.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Stooping to their level...

It was a glorious reunion yesterday when Kenny returned from a quick trip to his dad’s. He came bearing gifts: a memory foam pillow (aka heaven for a wife with arthritis in her neck) and reunited me with our beloved macbook pro (which is holding all our recent photos, hence the lack of blogging).

Needless to say, after a long day in the car Kenny was looking forward to a good night’s rest. I was, too. However, our new, evil property managers have decided to make a simple thing like sleeping a difficult thing to do in these parts as they’ve begun renting to college students. Suddenly our quiet little row of duplexes has turned into Melrose Place with young coeds running in and out at all hours of the night – usually slightly inebriated. Awesome.

I was slightly irritated when last night’s party was still going on at 11:30pm, but was willing to deal with it a little longer. After all, I’m not that old and I understand that their Memorial Day weekend had probably already begun. However, when several (slightly tipsy) young “ladies” decided to step outside and make phone calls RIGHT OUTSIDE MY BEDROOM WINDOW at 2:00am...well, my patience began to wane a little. Poor husband put up with my whispered venting. “Those inconsiderate whores! Who do they think they are?! Are they so self-centered that they haven’t even thought about they fact that some people have to get up early for work?! And their music taste sucks." Etc. etc. I have a good man – and a patient one at that. Anyway, I was just drifting off to sleep – with my beloved new pillow pressed firmly around my ears. I briefly marveled at how effectively all that NASA-engineered goodness could mold into my ear canals and muffle the racket going on outside. It was at this point (3:00am), the guys decided to join the girls outside. Apparently being that drunk that late at night means you have to YELL to communicate. Also, everyone seemingly has to talk at the same time, getting progressively louder to be heard. I’d had it and was ready to go out there and drop my own personal brand of Hell on that unsuspecting group of coeds, when sweet, patient Kenny got his tired self out of bed and politely sent them inside.

As I lay there fuming, I felt suddenly old. And, frankly, that pissed me off even more. How dare they make be feel old on top of waking me up! I’m not old!

So to prove it, I doorbell ditched those girls bright and early on my way to work this morning.

That'll show 'em.

Happy Friday and have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wish Lists

Dear Husband,

Please promise to get me this (preferably soon) and I promise to get you something to fill that third seat (someday...).

Thank you.



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wow!  Thanks to all those who offered advice on mosquito bites; no more itching for me!

I have lots of photos from the camping trip so I finally uploaded photos from our point-and-shoot.  Anyway, I had to laugh when I saw these two photos.  

The first was taken just before my recent dental surgery.  I was watching the assistant lay out an endless supply of shiny , metal torture instruments while trying not to think about the many terrifying potential side effects of the procedure.  (As a side note, I really miss my days as a minor when my mom was responsible for signing away my life while I endured these sorts of procedures in blissful ignorance.)  

Now look at the second one, taken at work.  The same expression.  I wonder what that says about my feelings for my job at least at that moment.

Totally unrelated, I just love finding a work-appropriate outfit that is fun enough to wear anytime.  Conservative Banker just isn't how I want to dress all the time.   Ta Da!

Have a lovely day!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Question: how does one make the 17 mosquito bites she received while camping over the weekend STOP itching?!!!

(Attempts to relieve the discomfort have resulted in some awkward encounters at work this morning...and that's all I'm going to say about that.)