Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Memoirs of an Earthquake...or two.

Just thought I'd share a little about this momentous day...

I have felt one earthquake since moving to Southern California six years ago. I was sitting in my parked car chatting with a friend, who was also a Utah transplant and earthquake virgin. The car began to shake. We looked at each other wide eyed and – thinking some hoodlum must be outside jumping on my car’s trunk (because yeah, that just happens all the time) – I gunned it and sped down the street. And that’s all the thought we gave to the ordeal. Upon returning home we couldn’t figure out why all our pictures were askew or on the floor. Finally, Kenny got through to see if we enjoyed the "ride" courtesy of Mother Nature. Oh.

So today I’m sitting at work when the whole building starts bouncing and I hear the files in the next room crashing around. After a moment of confused staring, I dove under my desk and watched the hanging florescent lights sway side to side as I tried not to contemplate the actual weight of ten stories of office building or how badly it would hurt if that weight were to come crashing down on me. I tried not to worry about the fact that my trusty (i.e. never-used) 72 hour kit was far away in my car’s trunk parked on the seventh story of the parking structure. I tried not to start yelling at my colleagues for being so quiet and making me feel like I was overreacting. So I watched the light sway and listened to the building creak and groan and tried to tell myself that Mother Nature was hooking me up with a great story to tell ...for my birthday. I guess you could say my 25th was quite the event.

Update: My "friend" Andrew has a different take on todays events. I quote: "An earthquake on your birthday...God must hate you. Congratulations." If he wasn't full of witty one-liners like that, I might have cancelled some lunch plans. Lucky him.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Indulge my vanity.

Wow. I'll be dedicating some blog space to the subject of vanity after yesterday. Yesterday, Kenny's uber-talented and oft-referenced sister, Amelia, posted new pictures of Kenny and me, and I spent most of my day staring at myself...and liking it a little too much.  Five years ago, Amy's (freakishly talented) husband, Hudd, was our wedding photographer and in assisting him, Amelia decided to become a professional photographer. Since then, she (and Hudd) have blown up in the photography world and their pictures never fail to awe and inspire. So I was really excited to do another shoot with them recently and I was REALLY excited when she finally posted the photos yesterday. So check us out. 'Cause we're hot. And 'cause she did soooooo good. (And don't forget to view the rest of the photos on her blog here. And leave her some love in the comments. She deserves it.)

So, coming soon to a canvas gallery wrap in our home, are a few of the photos! Enjoy!  

(and let me know your favorites.  Because, again, I'm vain!  And because I'm having a really hard time choosing which ones to blow up for our house... thanks.)  

Thanks Amy and Hudd!  

Sunday, July 20, 2008

High School Reunion...without the awful name tags and akward converstaions

First a quick word from tonight's sponsor: "This post comes to you courtesy of an unfortunate (and unintentional) Sunday afternoon nap that has left sleep impossible and unattainable." I hate when this happens...anyway, on to the post.

Once upon a time, Kenny was 13 and had these two great friends, Freddy (left) and Blair (right).
Who after 16 years that included junior high, high school, missions, marriage, and children, became these guys:
And they're still friends.
A few weeks ago, Freddy and his lovely wife, Mandy (pictured below with the boys) invited Kenny and me, and Blair and his (also lovely) wife, Shanna, and their two children down to Oceanside for the weekend.  Rock Band was played, yummy food was eaten, stand up comedy was enjoyed, and a good time at the beach was had by all.  Warning: an obscene amount of pictures are to follow.  Enjoy!

Mandy, Blair, Freddy, Kenny
The boys.  Kenny finally figured out that he 's much better at the drums when he's standing and dancing to the beat.  He's so cute.
But what he really likes is the singing.  I have to remind him that the microphone will amplify his voice, but he doesn't believe me, so he scream/yells ("sings"?) instead.  His voice was completely shot by the end of the night.
Artsy Fartsy.  And who doesn't enjoy a good crotch shot.  I know I do.
Yes, I sang.  For real.  
But after scoring a sad 60%, I accepted the fact that I was not blessed with my mother's superior vocal abilities and took up the base instead.  When it was set on "easy mode" I rocked. 
The rock star, Shanna.
I love that Kenny's friends married amazing girls.  It makes it so much more fun for me.  Thanks Mandy and Shanna for your all around radness.  And yes, we know we're hot.
The next morning, the kids made their debut.  Mandy shows off her mini-me, Brooklyn.  Mandy, can I be you after two kids?  Can I be you now?
Tre studies the leash before the boys head out to surf.  I love how focused he is in this photo.  I also love that he thought our air mattress was a trampoline.  No sleeping in with kids around.  Love it.
Remember Shanna the rock star?  Nuff said.  Pictured here with her mini-me, Makensie.
Garret (sp?) demonstrates exactly how much he can fit into his mouth.  Who ever said sand wasn't delicious?
I *heart* Makensie.  Really I love anyone who will participate with me in making faces at the camera.  Kindred spirits.
This last one I ripped from Mandy's blog.  
Take a good look then go back to the first photo.  Not much has changed.  (Although I like how nicely Kenny  has filled out.)   Good times.

(Side note: remember the weekend we forgot about Kenny's car...for three days?  This was the same weekend.  I hope you can now understand the cause of our oversight.  You try to have this much fun and remember every last detail, like leaving your car parked four cities away.)

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I never knew I could love two people that 
  • (a) are not biologically related,
  • (b) didn't grow up with me, or 
  • (c) wasn't my super fun/handsome/kind/hardworking husband. 
But I am in love with these two little boys.  I love them to the point of tears when I see pictures of them like the few posted below.  (The faucet overflows only when I'm alone of course...heaven forbid anyone see me convey emotion.  Excuse the tangent, but as uncomfortable as I get when I have to see other people emote, it's even worse for me when there's other people around to witness me succumbing to my feelings.)  Anyway, my crazy-talented/beautiful/fun/stylish/creative sister/brother-in-law, Amelia and Hud Lyon, took these and I had to rip them off their photography blog to share (even though everyone has already seen them, I'm sure).  I had to do it.  Because I'm bawling and have to get it out.  Because they're so, so, so cute. Enjoy.

Sloan (or "Swoanie Bahwoanie" as his brother calls him) pictured with his beautiful mother, Amelia.

Hudson.  (enough personality/energy to exhaust a football team)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today, July 16, is the one month and three day anniversary of my five-year wedding anniversary. The day (like this post) was fairly anticlimactic, except for receiving these beauties.

Thanks sweetie!  They were exactly what I would have chosen.  He knows me pretty well.  As he should after five whole years (and one month and three days).  I also got to spend some one-on-one time with him, which is rare...unless we're driving somewhere, usually to meet people, so that was exciting.  We also ditched our dinner reservations (after having been seated and served beverages).  We just weren't digging the menu.  So that was fun as was the random Mexican place we found on PCH which was also really yummy.  The fact that we drove up and down PCH for two hours before finally settling on that particular restaurant was funny and a throw back to our dating days.  Actually, the whole evening reminded me of when we were dating, and we were more spontaneous and threw "plans" out the window and just had fun.  I can't think of a better way to have celebrated five years.  

Kenny, I love you.  I'm in for at least five more wonderful years (and one more month and three days).  And probably more.  

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Crap. What did I just do?

It's too late. Well, by posting this, it's now too late. I just signed up for this:
STAIR CLIMB TO THE TOP - Think you’ve got what it takes to make it to the top?
Be part of the City National team for Stair Climb to the Top – by climbing the tallest building on the west coast to raise funds for the Ketchum-Downtown YMCA in support of their programs for youth, families and seniors in downtown. All fitness levels welcome, free training provided by the Y! It’s 75 stories and 1500 steps, and all you need is the desire to make it to the top!
I pushed the button to register before I really thought it through, and now I'm nervous. So I post this not to brag, but to keep from canceling my registration. Now that you all know about it, I can't back out. So when this day comes, and I'm suffering from an excruciating build up of lactic acid and feel like I'll never walk again, you can be sure I'll be cursing your name. Because you made me do it.

A few things

Thing #1

So a few weekends ago, an old friend from high school (Jessica) came down to take some pictures for work and Kenny and I agreed to "model" for some stock photography. Really we would have agreed to much more just to hang out with her. We spent the day lounging around her dad's amazing place in San Juan Capistrano: laying out by the pool, swimming, eating good food, and exploring the grounds. It was really fun to see her! If anyone is in the Provo area this weekend (or the rest of this month) she's showing some of her more artistic stuff at Gallery OneTen (110 South 300 West). She's super-talented and it would be well worth your time. You can also check out her blog here.

Thing #2:

I love good food. LOVE it. This place (Landmark: on PCH in Corona Del Mar) has it. Cool atmosphere, great decor, and FANTASTIC food. Three words: Chilean Sea Bass. Order it and enjoy the food orgasm. It's that good. (Plus they have some a great looking menu. Thanks, Scott and Sarah, for the invite, great company, and delightful meal.)

Thing #3

How is it that Xanadu is one of my mother's all time favorite movies and it took me 24.9 years to experience it? I know my mom has tried her best, but she utterly failed in this matter. Roller skates, Neon Lights, Singing/Dancing, Olivia Newton John staring WITH Gene Kelly...seriously. The perfect recipe for awesome. I have a sudden urge to see it on Broadway. Then again, I'll use any excuse I can to visit New York. (Once again, thanks go to Sarah and Julia for correcting my childhood depravity and watching it with me. By the way, Julia can sing along to every song on this movie. Talented? You have no idea.)

Thing #4

These two crazy kids (Steve and Britt) are a pretty good time. I'd recommend you hang out with them if you are in the L.A. area, like Korean food, and enjoy dry humor. Also, if your lucky, Britt might teach you come great ab exercises. I busted out a yoga mat on Hollywood Blvd. (at Cantaloop right by the Kodak Theatre) and she showed me some moves that will (hopefully) flatten and sculpt my mid-section. I say hopefully because I love sugar. Remember, she showed me the moves while getting frozen yogurt.

Anyway, Steve and Britt were the perfect dates to attend this:

That's right. Point. Break. LIVE. So much fun. As a testament to Keanu Reeve's superior acting abilities, an audience member is selected to play Keanu's role as Johnny Utah. Because Keanu just makes you feel as though you too can act. (At least as well as Keanu). Thanks Keanu.

If your in Hollywood on a Friday/Saturday, check this performance out at the DragonFly. It's so much fun. I won't say too much else (don't want to spoil it), but I'd recommend buying the "survival kit." Fake blood can be kind of sticky.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sucks. But it's okay.

1:45am.  Can't sleep.  Alarm clock will go off in 3.25 hours.  Yuck.  

I hate sleeping in cars.  I'm not very good at it, so I don't actually sleep.  I always hear what's going on; I'm never comfortable; and I'm always too hot or too cold.  That being said, it's better than driving, so I guess I can't complain too much.  So, what's my expected productivity tomorrow? Zero.  Where will I be spending my lunch break?  Asleep in my car (...or in a beach chair on the roof of the parking structure. Thank goodness no one ever parks up there.) How was my weekend?  Fantastic.  Thanks Skyler and Elise for (a) taking us on yet another great trip to Lake Mead (b) being so consistently awesome (c) having a welcoming and fun family, and (d) driving so I could try to sleep.  (Order is irrelevant.  Except for your being awesome.  That part is probably paramount to the others.)  You two are the best. 

Happy Monday everyone.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Catch Up V3: Williams, AZ

So I'm still on the Grand Canyon trip.  I couldn't really move on until I posted some pictures from Williams, AZ.  The owner of the haunted fabric store told us that Williams used to consist of 27 brothels, 27 saloons, and 27 opium dens.  A real wholesome place.  I loved it.  (It is a little more G-rated and family friendly now, though, but still fun.)

This former brothel is now a bakery. I'm practicing my best "madame" pose.
Like all small tourist towns, the gift shops never fail to impress. This little gem of a souvenir has absolutely nothing to do with the Grand Canyon, Williams, the geography, or history. This one's for you, Elise.
We got to watch the Youngest Civil War Band in the U.S. They've won stuff (or so they said).
As we explored the town, a show-down occurred in the middle of the road. Weird, the same thing was happening as we drove into town the night before! Crazy. (Have I mentioned that i LOVED Williams. Seriously. So perfect.)
This was the "dumb" cowboy. He liked to scratch his bum when he was thinking really hard. I have pictures (but I'll save you all the sight). He used Anna for protection when the shooting began.  (He later tried to sacrifice my mom...)
We were cowboy-serenaded at this fabulous Mexican restaurant
And then Kenny, Becca, Anna and I hit the town.
We managed to walk all over the down town in about 20 minutes. Oh well. We had to get up early to celebrate Kenny's birthday and for Anna to formally meet this guy.

It was a pretty fun trip, and I'm always excited to spend time with the family. Hopefully we get to meet up with them again for Peach Days...we'll see.