Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An iPhone documentation of a double ear infection.

I have many iphone photos of our girl being sick with ear infections. Thought I'd share one such incident here. Because, you know, everyone wants to see pictures of a pathetically sick child. This is the last ear infrection that she came down with on Christmas Eve.

Getting sick on a holiday means a trip to the Urgent Care. Yay. At least the waiting room was festive.
The drive was exhausting and miserable aparently. Glad she had her pacifier and "cranky blanky" to comfort her.
Our arsenal. More antibiotics. I'm not kidding when I say that this poor girl has ingested more antibiotics in one year than I have my entire life. The only things not shown here are her humidifier and the bottle of probiotics to balance the onslought of antibiotics. And the cotton balls used to keep the ear drops in her ears and out of her hair.
A very tired, sad, pained, cranky, lethargic, and sweaty yet chilled, little girl. She really mastered the art of relaxing on the couch during this her 6th ear infection. A skill that came in handy the following week when she caught the flu. (Don't worry, i don't have photos of that. No one needs to see toddler vomit. Especially when it's all over her mother.)

The 103+ degree fever finally broke on day 3. Our couch still bears the resulting sweat stain from that mess of curls.
She finally gave us a half smile with tired eyes. Starting to feel a little better. Yay!
A sudden onset of vertigo lead to yet another trip to the doctors on the last day of antibiotics. Verdict: "it happens." What that meant for us: another two days of holding and carrying the poor girl. She had trouble even sitting upright unassisted let alone walking across a room without help. It was sad and pathetic to watch (but sort of funny, too). We kept thinking of Lucille #2 from Arrested Development.
We gave our aching backs and arms a break and took her for a walk. Thank goodness for strollers. She seemed to really enjoy the ride and the fresh air.
And the last thing to return once restored to proper health: her appetite. She devoured this gourmet mac & cheese at Rialtos. Kenny was only a little bummed she didn't leave any for him.
Next up: pictures of her surgery.