Wednesday, March 24, 2010

These two photos are making me ridiculously happy today.


Photo Credits: (B&W) by Amelia Lyon & Junior High Dance taken by some friend of my sister's (the cutie in the photo).

Friday, March 19, 2010

Some math...because that's what I do.

I find myself increasingly annoyed that women keep telling me “really, you’re pregnant for 10 months.” Sorry to be a stickler, but no, actually you’re not. Let’s do the math, shall we? With the exception of February all months have 30 or 31 days making it 4.29-4.43 weeks in a month – not the standard 4 weeks these women assume in their simplified calculation. After computing a simple average, a standard month will have 4.35 weeks (see table below). 40 week pregnancy will then technically be 9.2 moths. Point TWO! Not even a half month. Let’s also remember that the first two weeks (give or take) of the standard 40 week pregnancy, YOU’RE NOT EVEN PREGNANT. Remember? They start counting from your last period, which ends typically two weeks before you even ovulate and before you can even technically conceive a child. So there, you’re pregnant about NINE months only. Unless you go way over. In which, case, you can say whatever you want. You have totally earned that right.

So, NO. I’m sorry, ladies. You are not pregnant for “technically 10 months.” It’s a big enough deal to simply say you’re pregnant and will endure all the "fun" stuff that entails, and that you are going to squeeze a child out your va-jay-jay (or have it surgically cut out of you). I promise there is no need to add the extra month for effect. Nine is plenty impressive.

I have some experience and can now attest to this fact. (Minus the delivery/surgery part...that can wait a while).

And just for effect – by the time we have this kid, I will have been pregnant for TWELVE+ months since last year. Yes, I’m counting the three months I was pregnant before I miscarried, but still. Beat that. (And I know some of you can, in fact, beat that; my hat's off to you. For real.) :) :)

Month / Days / Weeks
January / 31 / 4.43
February / 28 / 4.00
March / 31 / 4.43
April / 30 / 4.29
May / 31 / 4.43
June / 30 / 4.29
July / 31 / 4.43
August / 31 / 4.43
September / 30 / 4.29
October / 31 / 4.43
November / 30 / 4.29
December / 31 / 4.43
Total = 365 days or 52.14 weeks
Average month will have 4.35 weeks (=52.14/12)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More dreams...

Kenny’s dream, in summation: It’s April 15th, I’m in labor at St. Judes, and an earthquake hits.

Apparently taxes, the recent earthquakes (including the one that woke us up at 4am the other day), and our Pending Arrival teamed forces to rock Kenny’s dream world last night. Understandably, he was pretty out of it this morning...that’s a busy night!

Also, we've been predicting this kid to be a boy, but Kenny recently dreamed about a who knows. We're looking forward to finding out! (Looking forward to it, yes, but we're not in any rush. Easier in than out, right?)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the following correspondence was seen earlier today (on Facebook)

Anna Nielsen to Becca Nielsen: I have officially de-sisterred you. I would still like to be friends. Don't worry, it's not you, it’s me. The timing is just not right for that kind of relationship, you know?


Anna Nielsen to Becca Nielsen: Becca! Ryan wrote that – not me.

(Anna, Becca, and Ryan are my siblings.)

I miss my family.

A lot.

Also...can I please go on maternity leave right now? While our internal compliance auditors are here and before the OCC sends its auditors next month?

I really hate auditors.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Things I learned this weekend:

  • I can in fact follow a budget...or at least I can do better than last week.
  • My husband is amazing at H-O-R-S-E...and the more absurd the shot, the better chance Kenny will make it.
  • My tiny bathtub can actually be comfortable with some innovative positioning and the strategic use of towels.
  • I will always underestimate the work required to complete my creative endeavors. On the flipside, the quilt I’m making our kid is pretty awesome. Or it will be. If I can ever finish it.
  • At some point just being comfortable will trump the desire to look “put together.”
  • I like social gatherings, but only if I’ve had adequate sleep. Oh, Sleep...I need more of you in my life.
  • While I resent Southern California’s lack of seasons and too-short “winters” I sort of loved reading at the park yesterday in a tee shirt, skirt and flip flops - in early March!
  • If I wake up Kenny by putting my stomach against his back when the baby’s moving, it's guaranteed Kenny will wake up in the BEST mood, even laughing. (I should note, Kenny usually wakes up really happy, but this way I feel like I should somehow get credit for it.)
  • My hips and knees are noticeably looser. Note to self: move slower; save yourself the injury.
  • If I don’t see Elise at least once during the week, I feel sort of lost. Ironic that the last few times I’ve hung out with her was simply to watch LOST.
  • Kenny will always want to go out for a treat on the days I’ve committed myself to avoid such things.
  • I will always give in to Kenny’s desire for a treat. It’s a rare thing for him to want this.
  • I believe Wonton Wednesdays at Pickup Stix should be an everyday event. If you can't enjoy 25 cent wontons on a weekend but you can on a Wednesday, there is seriously something wrong with the world.

It was a very educational weekend, no?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Celebrity Matching Game

Kenny gets told often that he reminds people of various celebrities. Most often it's Jake Gyllenhall. For real. There was the time at a random spagetti place that a waiter ran up to us POSITIVE that Kenny was Jake. He realized his error when he noticed me - "Oh aren't Kirsten Dunst..." (Really? Thanks, dude.) Or the time at Disneyland when that group of Asian tourists followed him around for awhile (whispering about Jake) before I finally started saying "Kenny" really loud every time I addressed him. There's more, too.

Anyway, the teacher at our Labor/Delivery class last night named a resemblance we'd never heard before...Seth Green. Really? Hmmm. I like Seth Green - I even find him attractive actually...I guess I can see it. Especially when Seth had dark hair, like in the Austin Powers movies. But I think Jake Gyllenhall is closer. What do you think?

- Jake -


Oh wait! Seth Green once played a "Kenny"! In "Can't Hardley Wait"...that must be it.

happy friday!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Me and Hudson

I babysat my "almost five" year old nephew, Hudson, the other day. It was just the two of us, which hasn't happened for a very long time. And he was awesome. He came with me to the gym (him to day care and me to yoga), we noshed on cinnamon toast at my place while watching Disney's "The Sword in the Stone", and then we read books back at his place waiting for his regular sitter to come home. Amid repeated explanations on how "Crazy" Merlin the Wizard was and predicting that the young Arthur would probably be the one to pull the sword out of that anvil (the picture on the DVD cover had nothing to do with his excellent guess) he pretty much yakked my ear off for about 3+ hours. In the best way, of course.

My favorite, though, was his retelling of his all-time worst and best dreams ever.

  • Worst: A snake was chasing him trying to bite off his ear. (He'd had that dream just earlier that day. The horror was still fresh in his mind.)

  • Best: He was hanging out with a friendly tyrannosaurus rex and was teaching the dinosaur to play Mario Kart on the Wii. The best moment was when they "both won - [Hudson] got first and T-Rex got second."

Oh, to be a four-almost FIVE-year old little boy. Although a friendly t-rex to play video games with would be pretty fantastic at any age. Especially if it always performed just slightly worse than you.

* photo of Hudson/T-Rex by his mom, Amelia Lyon (of course)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Goodyear Blimp

I've mentioned a certain colleague of mine that has a certain knack for social awkwardness, absentmindedness, and poor timing as well as a general lack of tact on occasion.

As a result of these character flaws, this well-indenting individual is often the unfortunate brunt of office gossip and teasing. I admit, I often take part...he just makes it way too easy! Today however, I just feel bad for him.

I'm not a particularly large individual - even at 7 1/2 months pregnant I'm actually kind of tiny. I can say it - i work really hard at it. So when this male colleague decided to tease me at lunch today by saying "Did you, Jill, happen to be floating above the Rose Bowl on Sunday? Dressed perhaps in a grey sweatsuit with with the word 'Goodyear' on it?" I knew he was only joking. I knew that - in his head - the statement was so absurd that one would have to see the humor in it. However, I AM 7 1/2 months pregnant and I FEEL sort of large and so it took me a second to compose myself and to finally just laugh. Unfortunately, this man made this comment when the room was full of other women - older women, all of whom have had children. Judging from the so-silent-you-can-hear-a-pin-drop feeling that pervaded the room at his comment, I wanted to yell out to him "Run for it! Hurry before they get you!" But I couldn't...I was still reminding myself he was joking and patching up my own self-esteem (which remains in tact, thankyouverymuch.) And the women's ridicule against him began to flow freely, turning nastier once he fled the room.

He did come back later, when I was alone, and apologize - very sincerely I might add. So in the end, I only felt sorry for him. I'd say that someday he might learn, but can you say that for a grown man in his mid-50's? A man with two teenage daughters? Will he learn? Perhaps not.

At least he's good at apologizing.

It may just save his life one day.
So my mom and sisters were adorable and threw me a baby shower. And my mom has most of the photos - including the 31-week shot. I'll load them when I get them. It was great to see so much of my family...and they spoiled this kid! Seriously, I can't think of much else that I need.

On the same day, Kenny's step-mom, Kristee, also threw me a shower for that side of the family. Again, this kid is spoiled. I have so many blankets and books! - which I love. I left feeling overwhelmed with how fortunate we are to both have such close (and large) families. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos from this shower.

Anyway, after returning to CA, we went to a wedding on the 32-week mark and had Amelia take some quick photos. Kenny got in on the action:

Nicole (who's just three weeks ahead of me) got in on it, too.

Rather than get some after-church photos, we took a few during our Sunday morning walk on the Fullerton horse trails before church. Other than the mud, you'd never know it was pouring rain the day before.

One more thing - remember this post? Well after 8 months-ish I FINALLY got my permanent crown! I was really excited and here I am showing it off to Hudd. Lovely.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wahoo! It's a birthday!

ATTENTION: So. Cal. Residents...or tourists if you're in the area:

With the presentation of a flyer, Wahoo's Fish Taco will donate 20% of your meal purchase to The Down Syndrome Association of Orange County. Go the the DSA/OC's blog (here) and follow the link to download/print the flyer and then go enjoy a Blackened Fish Bonzai Burrito with Green Sauce (or whatever else tickles your fancy). You can do good and eat good all at once. Not bad.

Now, not related to the above subject...

Happy Birthday to the Little Brother! I love this guy. As we're only 18 months apart and spent much of our youth stuck in an apartment on the 18th floor, he was often my only playmate and he continues to be one of my favorite people and one of my best friends. Plus, he let me boss him around for a really long time, so I owe it to him to at least like him. So, Ryan, for all those times you let me dress you up like a girl and call you Maria, I wish you the happiest of birthdays and I hope today is fun, exciting, and overall wonderful. I'll try to actually get your gift in the mail this week (TRY being the key word). Love you.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Flying High

So last month my cousin called and mentioned she and her husband were in our area...they'd just decided last minute to fly in for a few days from Northern California. By "just fly in" I mean her husband geared up their plane and they literally flew themselves down.

Awesome, no?

In discussing what we could do, they suggested flying down to Oceanside to visit with some more of our cousins...and who are we to turn down a night-flight on a private plane?

It was, of course, wonderful getting to see some family, but I think the highlight for Kenny was getting to actually fly the plane for a few minutes.

Taking the controls
Getting some instruction from Jamie.

And being REALLY excited.

Fast forward to this week. 10 points to whomever can name this quote: "Please stop calling me the little guy; I'm in the 40th percentile." (Hint: it's from the BEST new show of this year.)

That's the same thing our kid might have said to my doctor when she sent me in for an ultrasound this week, concerned that I was "measuring small." The kid is fine (thank goodness) and is measuring in the 40th percentile. I'm just small, apparently. Yes, it made me really happy to hear that. I don't always feel very small...

So to celebrate our Kid-To-Be being apparently healthy and a proper size, I blew off my spin class and we headed over Disney Land to check out Captain EO. I was too young to have seen it when it was last shown...

It was awesome. And I look great in 3-D glasses, no?

We kept with our 3-D theme for the week and closed it out with a screening of Alice in Wonderland, which I liked. But I love pretty much all things Tim Burton, so I might be biased.

When you combine that with a work week that started out with our secretaries serving up mimosas at our 8:30 am staff meeting and a very positive experience at our first Labor and Delivery class, I'd have to see it wasn't a bad week. Not at all.

Actually the only bummer was having Jim and Pam from The Office name their fictitious baby Cecelia - one of the three names we'd chosen for a girl. Oh well, guess we're down to two girl names, but we still have five boy names.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hudd's Haiti trip

So Kenny has effectively taken our macbook hostage as he's been suddenly slammed with LOTS of work (thanks to Amy). I'm grateful for this, but unfortunately this leaves me with only my old ibook...from my college days. This is fine, but its hard drive is full and it's programs are outdated; thus, very little photo-loading has occurred - scratch that - very little personal photo loading has happened. And I remain eluded on interesting subjects to write about, hence, my infrequent posting. Oh well.

While I may not have much to say or show here at the moment, I did want to direct anyone who stumbles across this over to my sister-in-law's site ( Her husband, Hudd (Justin), recently returned from a trip to Haiti where he served as a translator. He just posted some thoughts on his trip as well as some photos. I don't really know how to describe the photos, so you'll just have to see for yourself. You won't be sorry.

We're glad he's home.
photo by Justin Lyon.