Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lest I go an entire month without a post, here's an update.

Lola and I go to the beach. A lot. It's her happy place and "beach" is one of her few words I can clearly recognize. In fact...other than household chores, that's pretty much all we do. The park is too hot, and the AC in our apartments is weak. So to the beach we go. A lot.

We've done some traveling. A lot, actually.
  • Zion National Park/Ponderosa Ranch for a mini reunion with Kenny's immediate family- highlight: hiking the narrows and finally taking some family photos
  • Orem/Brigham City for a few days with my family - highlight: turning 28 and celebrating with homemade ice cream four nights in a row
  • Logan for a wedding and more time with family - highlight: beautiful canyon drives and raspberry shakes at Bear Lake.
  • Kern River/Sequoia National Park (Kenny only) for a scouting trip - highlight two days of river rafting. (I stayed home and hit up the OC fair and made preparations for a baby shower...super fun, but no river rafting.)
We've been busy. Lola's been spoiled rotten with attention and with things. Truthfully, while I miss everyone, it's nice to be home and get some sort of routine back. Plus, Lola was missing her beloved beach. Me too.

Some other things:
  • Last night I got my first full night's sleep in almost four weeks. It took a major sleeping pill to accomplish this feat, but it was sooooo worth it.
  • My shoelace got stuck in the rotating stairs at the gym yesterday morning. For a super long two seconds, I simultaneously that I was going to die/live the remainder of my days as an amputee until I yanked the lace free. Miraculously I didn't even fall off the machine. I'm super talented.
  • Lola decided she'd try crawling again. Right through a pool of engine grease in someone's driveway. It was really gross.
  • Date nights are awesome. Date nights with fun people are even cooler. (Most of the time.)
  • Sunday Vegas traffic is a perfect depiction of what I imagine Hell to be like. Just more of an incentive not to end up there.
I'd add more, but I took another sleeping pill about twenty minutes ago and it just hit me. Must. go. to. bed.

Good night.