Monday, August 6, 2012

So I have really let this whole blog thing go the last few months. I've been keeping a "line-a-day" journal everyday since Jade was born, just to have some record. Sadly, on July 28, I accidentally deleted the WHOLE THING. I tried and Kenny tried to retrieve it with no luck. I cried. A lot. Four months gone in a second. Insert HUGE sigh here. Good thing there's instagram so I at least have some record of what life has been like lately.

Life lately... in a nut shell:

The transition from one to two kids was a hard one for me. Nursing was again a nightmare, but I think we finally have a rhythm. Moving just after having a baby made everything worse, but I'd rather not dwell on that any longer. Things are better.

Jade just turned four months and is a healthy (16.8lbs!!!!), happy girl. She continues to be more "work" than Lola was, but at the same time she is wonderfully sweet. She gets so happy with the smallest bit of attention bestowed on her and she gives the best smiles. She has my heart. Lola gets so excited to see her and just recently, Jade has started reciprocating the excitement when she sees Lola. It's cute. I don't know how to explain the relationship Jade and Kenny have just yet, but Jade loves the attention she gets from him. Lola is so much fun lately. Always learning something new and developing (strong) opinions on things. She really likes to test me lately which is NOT fun, but on the whole she's pretty awesome.

My sister, Becca, graduated high school in May and has been living with us for the summer. Given that I moved right after having a baby and given that we moved into a tourist town at the beginning of summer it's been hard to meet people, so I'm very glad she's been here. She's been a great help with the girls and it's nice to have a buddy.  We'll be sad to see her go when she starts college.

Since I last wrote Lola turned 2 and Kenny turned 33. And then I turned 29 last week. I don't really have a definitive explanation for how I'm coping with this birthday. My feelings on the subject are all over the place. It was a Sunday birthday, which always sucks, but I had a nice, low-key day with Kenny, the girls, and Becca. We topped it off by having the Wallaces down for dinner and to hang out at the beach.

The beach. Let it be said: living less than a mile from the beach is AWESOME. 'Nuff said.

There's so much more detail I could include, but the thought of doing so is overwhelming. So that's the state of things right now. For fun, I'll be really literal and give the True status of things RIGHT THIS SECOND (at 9:22pm): I just put Lola down for bed. She only fought me a little. Jade is due for her final feeding of the evening, but I'm in no hurry to wake her up. Becca is at FHE and then going on a date with Jeff (a boy from her ward whose parents are in my ward. He's a nice boy. I'm glad for that.). Kenny is at a bon fire with friends. We got the invite too late for me to go (i.e. jade was already asleep, we'd had dinner already, and lola gotten cleaned up). So i find myself with a rare moment alone. So here I am finally updating this poor, neglected blog. To be totally honest, I'm only giving this update to avoid hitting the gym. (Since I can't go further than a baby monitor will allow, my only option is the treadmill. BORING.)

So that's life right now. Slow. But that's fine.
Maybe I'll get some photos up on this thing sometime. If not, there's always instagram.