Monday, April 18, 2011

Guess Who

Guess who drools like a St. Bernard, has a nose that seems to be constantly running like a faucet, is a mean crawler/wannabe walker, and is TURNING ONE THIS WEEK?!

This girl:
I followed her around for fifteen minutes the other day to get some "one-year-old" photos. She wasn't super cooperative and, like I said, that nose kept running. Gross.

I still think she's cute, though.

one last smile...
...and then she was over it.
how's this for attitude?
So into the house we went where Sweet Dee went right for her books. She loves her books. It makes me really happy.

I was extra proud when she selected this one from my collection...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our weekend (as documented via my phone).

Thursday morning, we woke up to this:
I was VERY happy.
My father-in-law knew someone who had a cabin that just happened to be available (for FREE!) right before a snow storm. Our good fortune continued and our beloved (but currently unemployed) nanny, Becca (pictures of her later), was able to come with us to watch Lola while we did some snowboarding. Together! It was magic. The only downer was that the short notice of this trip meant we couldn't get friends to come with us. Oh well; a weekend of just us (and the nanny - and her friend) was pretty great.

Yes, some kid is riding down the street. Our cabin was just around that corner. Thanks again, Mark, for hooking that up!
This next photo was taken at the top. Keep in mind this is in APRIL.
For a reference, here we are (with Kristi and Keilana Brewer) under the same sign back in early September.
There was a lot of snow. We rode powder ALL DAY LONG.
Again, we were very happy.
We're home again; sore, but aching to go back. :)

(Here's my PSA: Notice our helmets. This is our first season ever wearing them. We love our girl and would like for her to have non-vegetable parents, I guess. Not that we do anything crazy anymore - actually I'm just happy to make it down the hill these days - but still; accidents happen. So we'll wear helmets. I must say, they aren't as horrible as I always imagined. Plus, they keep a girl warm. I like that. That's all.)