Monday, November 29, 2010

On a quiet Saturday evening...

I made it exactly seven months and five days.

Seven whole months of being meticulously cautious in the handling of my girl after feeding her had resulted in not a single instance of being vomited on anywhere above my collar bone. I truly thought I was out of the woods regarding this danger. That was my first mistake. The second was actually lifting my girl high over my head too soon. I looked up at her smiling, giggling face, my own mouth opened wide with a smile to match her's. But then…I could see it coming. Straight. For. My. Mouth. Time slowed and I began to wax philosophical on the danger coming my way and the meaning it held. However, thanks to lightning-fast reflexes (and due to a HUGE aversion to vomit), I managed to turn my head just in the nick of time before It hit. I felt the tidal wave of warm white-ish yuck collide with my left cheek and splash into my hair, down both the front and back of my shirt, and onto the couch behind me. With one infected eye tightly shut I managed to put the still-smiling girl gently back down while yelling for Kenny to come save me. Fearing a true disaster, he ran in geared with paper towels, sponges, disinfectant, etc. He got one look at me and busted up laughing, which he continued to do as he helped me clean myself up. Getting it out of my eyes was bad, but at least my mouth stayed fresh. Small victory, but a victory none-the-less. I’ll take it.

I feel I’ve learned a valuable life lesson here regarding parenthood. Don’t get comfortable or let your guard down because just when you think you’re safe and that all is well, your kid is just waiting to metaphorically throw up on your face.

Happy Monday.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Accomplishment of my day (thus far):

I used the word “malaise” in a sentence for the first time ever (written OR spoken). The bigger accomplishment is that, for some reason, the word just popped into my head. There was no deliberate effort to incorporate said word, it just happened.

You know I’m desperate to feel like I’m actually accomplishing things when this is what I’ve got to show for myself.

(Insert a sigh.)

I am hopeful, however. Notice the title of this post includes the parenthetical “thus far.” So, wish me luck that by the end of today I’ll have earned bragging rights for something more significant.

That’s all.

Wait – I just though of something! I can always brag about the accomplishment of friends – it’s my favorite thing to do! Yesterday, our friend Skyler raced in his first FULL Ironman competition – and finished with a very respectable time, no less. I’d be lying if I said Kenny and I weren’t following his progress ALL day yesterday (which includes the three hours spent in church meetings). We wanted to be there, cheering him on, but hopefully he got the encouraging vibes we were sending his way all day.

Congrats, Skyler! You are amazing.

And now I’m done for real this time.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I spent a lot of time driving this weekend as part of a mini-vacation we took. As such, I had a lot of time to think and reminisce.

As I reflected on my teen years, particularly my choices and the way I reacted to certain things/events, I really just wanted to reach back and punch myself in the face. A lot. I’m sure my parents felt the same way at the time.

Mom and Dad…thank you for having the restraint not to do so.
I love you both.

Monday, November 8, 2010

And it begins.

This is Taylor (holding Lola Dee).
This is her boy, J.
This is Lola maybe about to get her first kiss.
For the record I did not prompt this. Actually, I'm fairly certain J didn't think anyone was watching.
Just like her mama, she's into the older boys.

(Just typing that sentence stressed me out. )

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sometime's we're famous...again.

Actually, the lovely ladies who threw my baby shower are the famous ones this time. The shower was just featured here on Bump Smitten!

Just looking at all those photos blows me away all over again - they pulled out all the stops! I mean mini classic books for cupcake toppers?! There was even pages in those books! How I got so lucky is beyond me.

Check it out and drop some blog-love for the gals in the comments (extra for Amelia for all those beautiful photos). They deserve it.