Thursday, April 26, 2012

Maternity Photos - Jade

So, I have some pretty talented in-laws. It's well documented here that Amelia Lyon is our go-to favorite photographer and it's just an added bonus that she's Kenny's little sister. She kindly took some photos to document this pregnancy and did a smashing job. I LOVE them. Check them out and leave her some love on her site if you'd like.

Remember Lola Dee's maternity shots? No? See my favorites below and many more of them here.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jade photos - Hospital

My dad has been awaiting surgery and therefore could not make it out here to visit his new granddaughter. He requested photos. Dad, here's the first of MANY. Enjoy.

Jade brought a gift to give her big sister Lola. DJ Lance is almost as big as her!
Lola LOVED it.

She was less enthusiastic about her new Little Sister.

Sadly, I've failed to get photos of all Jade's visiters. here's a few I did get:
Aunt Pickle...
and Aunt Amelia...

It's late, so that's all for now. G'night.