Monday, January 28, 2013

No title.

So it seems Jade is destined to be the typical second child whose life is far less documented than that of her older sister's. The thing is, however, that we've taken tons of photos, but they just don't seem to make it onto the blog. And that makes me sad. Jade is going to be TEN MONTHS OLD in less than a week and I haven't posted a single photo of her since she was three days old.

Oh, Blog, she's beautiful. You're missing out. I'm going to attempt to be better. Truthfully, most posts will likely be instagram dumps and the like - and I doubt I'll have time or the brain power to ever write anything clever again, but oh well. I just want one place where I can come and see all these photos and remember these times.

So these are all phone pics from just this last week. Some are edited, most are not. They aren't in order. Just some moments of each of our girls.

First up: Jade.

Jade is our big, curious girl. still in the 95th-ish percentile for everything and getting into everything possible. Her favorites are trash, cords, and whatever Lola is playing with. It's so much fun. A happy baby when her needs are met, a banshee when they're not. Loves Big Sister, but doesn't love when Big Sister knocks her over. Jade is a quick learner and such a sweet baby. She scrunches her nose up when she smiles big. I love it.

Friday was spent trapped in our apartments with no power all day. Seriously trapped. Couldn't get our car out of the gates and it was dumping rain. We read lots of books that day. And ate a few, too.
 Jade is pulling herself up on everything and loves to "walk" with assistance.
 She gets really bummed that she hasn't figured out how to get down.
 She's the happiest after long stretches of our bed, preferably.

 Assuming she's fed, rested, and getting attention, she's the happiest baby ever.

 She (mostly) loves when Big Sister pays any sort of attention to her.
 And Lola. Oh, Lola. You have been a challenge lately. Strong opinions, strong will, and lots of power struggles this month. It didn't help that you (and Jade...and Kenny) were all sick this month. As in the WHOLE month. But you are still ridiculously fascinating and fun.  Your verbal skills are improving and we're working on full, descriptive sentences. The result is that you say some pretty funny things. I love getting these glimpses into your thoughts.

 Miss Sass. (She's acting like Time Out is no big deal in this photo. Bummer for me, because I want her to KNOW that it is a VERY BIG DEAL when she decides to kick her little sister.)
 But she's still so pretty.
 She's hit or miss on naps lately. I LOVE when she'll still take one. Mainly because I love how she sneaks down stairs afterward.

 Finally learned that with proper footwear, puddles are FUN.

 The beach is still her favorite place on earth.
 "Mom! I very, very, too, too cute. A lot." (wearing my Easter dress from 1985.)
 Rain boots, rain coat, no pants. No problem.
 Making valentines (part 1) while Jade naps.

So there's our week in iphone photos (mine at least). January 22nd through January 28th, 2013.

Till next time.