Sunday, October 30, 2011

Birthday Trip - July 2011

For my birthday, I spent a very quick few days in UT with my family where Lola and I ate lots of homemade ice cream, played lots of tennis, and visited not-enough family. Kenny sadly was back home in CA working.

Here's some photos.

Picnics at Sundance...

Tennis with the fam (while Lola pushed her stroller around and into things)

And an afternoon in Brigham City visiting her great-grandparents.

Great Grandpa Rollins put her right to work when we got there. Taking a break in the garden to think.
Cooling off by (and eventually climbing into) the fountain.
Drying off (sans clothes) with mom on the trampoline.
Lola Dee opted to share a cookie and a bowl of homemade ice cream with her Great Grandma, Lola Gene.
And closed things out with some more time on the trampoline with her Grandma and her 80-year-old Great Grandpa.

Obviously, it was fun times. If Kenny had been there, it would have been the perfect birthday.