Thursday, December 22, 2011

So I'm sitting in my office (tangent- i started working again one/two days a week as a consultant) and catch the tail-end of a conversation happening in the office across from me in which Colleague A made reference about a "porn deal" our office was inheriting next year. Colleague B got defensive and clarified that it was not a "porn deal" but in fact an "adult toy company" deal. A friendly (and detailed) debate then ensued regarding what we would classify as porn verses entertainment. The conversation ended when Colleague A conceded to Colleague B and said, "look, I was just making a a reference to the deal itself, but thank you for correcting me. I have nothing against the deal; shoot, I'd rather be in business selling that stuff than cigarettes or something."

And who said commercial banking is boring?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Cousins (and appeasing Magga)

My mother-in-law really wanted a photo with all her grandkids in Christmas attire. So, before we all made our way out to the Mission Inn in Riverside to see the lights, we gathered the kiddos and Amelia took a few shots. Lola's eyes are closed in most of them (thanks to a blinding camera flash) and Lucy kept trying to make a break for it. Good times.

From Left to Right: Lucy, "Magga," Monroe, Hudson, Sloan, "Krappa," and Lola

In the end, Magga got her photo. :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I heart NYC

Warning: lots of words ahead. (This is really for me...just to remember)

Kenny surprised me last week with a quick getaway to NYC! I could add a whole row of "!" and it still wouldn't convey the extent of my excitement. This is the last month where I can technically fly before Baby #2, and I really had been wanting a trip before this baby comes and my body becomes soley a food source for a year+. My attentive husband took note (although I may have dropped quite a few not-so-subtle hints) and booked the trip! He is the BEST.

So, before I forget, I wanted to jot down all we did and saw in bullet form style. I'll add photots and elaborate on my favorite moments later.


  • After meeting up with some cousins at Vince's Spaghetti, we dropped off our girl at Magga's (aka grandma's) house. Vacation officially began.
  • Started missing Sweet Dee IMMEDIATELY. Seriously, as soon as the car pulled away my heart ached. Thanks to instagram and texts, I was repeatedly assured that she was having a BLAST with her grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins. I'm so glad Kenny's family took such great care of her. I still missed her a ton, though.
  • Packed for the trip
  • Flew from LAX to JFK via Virgin America. Note to self: bring your own food when flying this airline.
  • Took a cab to our hotel in Chelsea (which was FREEEEE!!!!! - the hotel, not the cab). My window would not roll up all the way which made for a chilly 40 minute ride. Also, our driver, while chatty, barely spoke above a mumbled whisper. I understood NOTHING that he said.
  • Checked in, dropped our bags off, bundled up, grabbed a map and ventured out.
  • 1st stop, Luke's in the east Village for seafood rolls and lobster bisque.
  • 2nd stop: Rockefeller Center (to see the tree of course) and the surrounding blocks
  • 3rd stop: Times Square and Broadway. Lots of people.
  • then back to the hotel. asleep around 3:00am
  • Free, easy breakfast at the hotel
  • trekked back up to Broadway to pick up theater tickets
  • Made a trip out to Brooklyn, took the wrong subway and got to see A LOT of Brooklyn. And did a LOT of walking.
  • Shopped a bit for the Girl. Bought nothing.
  • enjoyed the view of Manhattan from under the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Took LOTS of photos.
  • waited and froze in the line for Grimaldi's; subsequently enjoyed some much needed hot chocolate with some very yummy pizza
  • Back to Manhattan, Soho specifically, for shopping at Topshop/Topman and surrounding stores. Window shopped along Prince. Actual purchases: none. (Note: shopping isn't so fun at 5+ months prego. It's the "fat" stage. Yuk. And my sympathetic husband didn't want to buy anything if I wasn't - despite my protests. our only souvenirs our our memories, photos, and a few extra pounds. Or a LOT of extra pounds.)
  • Went back to the East Village. Stopped at two Momfuku restaurants (Noodle Bar and another one I can't remember) and then indulged in some crack pie and cereal milk at Momofuku's Milk Bar (a third location). Kenny wanted more of it the next day.
  • Dinner at Mary's Fish Camp in the West Village. Our "splurge" dinner. Worth it.
  • Back to the hotel to soak our tired and cold feet and legs in a hot bath and sleep.
  • free breakfast
  • remembered to dress really, REALLY warmly.
  • Made our way up toward Julliard, saw the Manhattan LDS temple, and ventured into Central Park
  • Strolled through the lower half of the park, stopping at a few street performers, cozied up on a bench in the Mall with a bag of warm, honey-roasted almonds and finally just relaxed and took it all in.
  • Made our way out of the park, stopped in at FAO Schwartz (again, for our Girl. Again, bought nothing), and strolled down Madison Avenue and 5th Ave.
  • Lunched at Shake Shack. The line was long (although not as long as Grimaldi's), but somehow we managed to cut most of it and fill up on standard American food. Good, but over hyped in our opinion.
  • Saw The Adams Family on Broadway.
  • Took in Times Square during the day time. Again, there were lots of people.
  • Stopped at the Muji store still seeking souvenirs. Purchased none.
  • Decided right then was as good a time as any to head up the Empire State building and take in the view. Husband laughed at my fear of heights repeatedly as I braved getting near the fence to look down.
  • Attempted to hit up Hampton Chutney for dinner, but it closed at 9pm. We were too late.
  • Ultimately had dinner back in Soho at Cafe Habana. So, so good.
  • Went back uptown and, on a whim, stopped at Bryant Park. LOVED IT. It was all decked out for Christmas complete with another skating rink, the pop-up stores were mostly still open, and it wasn't too crowded.
  • Noticed a very big, very beautiful building nearby and went to take a look. it was (to my delight) the NYC Public Library. The nerd in me rejoiced and took photos. Had it been opened (our timing wasn't great) I'm pretty sure we would have spent a lot more time here.
  • Back to the hotel to pack up and sleep.
  • early morning walk to the High Line park.
  • doughnuts at the Doughnut Plant. Creme Brulee and Tres Leche. Delicious.
  • Back to Bryant Park for breakfast and a last good look at the city.
  • back to the hotel in Chelsea to grab our bags and make our way to the Airtrain via the subway.
  • Endured a delay of takeoff due to a leaky faucet in one of the plane's bathrooms. Not so Awesome.
  • Returned home to a rainy Los Angeles.
  • Cursed LA traffic and the lack of good public transportation.
  • Grabbed a quick dinner and enjoyed our last moments of couple-time.
  • Picked up our girl. it was a happy reunion for all. She couldn't decide who to hug and so went from one of us to the other and then back again. Repeat.
  • Arrived home, unpacked, and curled up on the couch as a family in the glow of our Christmas lights and watched Charlie Brown's Christmas until is was well past Sweet Dee's bedtime. We read some books and all went to bed.

The end.

(PS – I may or may not be pretty tired today. Also, our Sweet Dee – who woke up at a mean 6:ooam today – may have had a hard time with Kenny leaving for work. That’s not normal for her and it broke my heart a little; however, I’m glad to know she missed us.)