Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why not? (a post with Lil')

I may soon request writing assignments so that I have something to write about other than Lola. I actually think of quite a few topics during the day, but I have limited access to a computer during the day (think none actually) and so at day's end I'm too tired to remember or put in the effort. Oh well.

For Lola's party, our uber-talented cousin, Emily, made our girl a "Lil' Lola" doll ("Lil" for short around our house) in Lola's likeness. I just about died over it. SO CUTE. She even made gold lame leggings inspired by THIS shot (which made me super happy). Emily will be auctioning off a custom doll as part of the Team Davy Jean Benefit fundraiser and requested photos of Lola with her matching Lil' Lola to display at the event.

Lola wasn't very cooperative. It took three attempts (over three days) to get a decent shot. (And I use the term "decent" pretty loosely.)
This is her preferred way of showcasing the doll.
Pacifier = magic.
And then she was just slap happy.
And finally tired and cuddly.
That's all I've got right now.
(Not true; I have lots of photos to edit and post, and not all are centered around Lola, but...I'm tired. And I'm serious about those writing assignments. Please!)


Doreen said...

That totally made my day!!! I can't believe a picture could make me laugh and cry at the same time. These are priceless Jill. I MISS YOU GUYS!!
Tons of Love!

jenn (+ will) said...

so dang CUTE :)

Cassie Brady said...


Amy said...

SO freakin cute!

Diana and Jon said...

I'm happy to see posts of cute Lola everyday!

Bek said...

this is amazing. all of it. and also, i miss you guys and need to hold your babe. can we arrange a play date soon?