Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An update.

As of some point last week, Lola officially became a toddler. She's still doing the whole arms-over-her-head-monkey-walk; nonetheless, walking is now consistantly her go-to mode of getting around.

It's sort of adorable.

Personally, I'm still in the follow-her-around-everywhere-to-guard-that-cute-head-from-sharp-corners mode (which is a whole new kind of exhausting), but I love seeing that little body toddle around finding whole new places to explore. She's pretty proud of herself, too. Now I've got to work with her on some fine motor skills, specifically feeding herself with utensils. Once she nails that...oh, the freedom! I could actually feed myself! Huzzah! (But I'm getting ahead of myself.)

I spent last week in Utah, thanks to an invite from my cousin, Michelle, who conveniently had two extra seats in her car for the trip. That means it was Michelle and I with FIVE kids under the age of nine (two of whom were babies) for a 10 hour drive. Thankfully our Uncle put us up for a night in St. George to break up the trip, thus preserving our collective sanity. Actually, I must say that the kids were truly awesome. I was blown away. No real fights or melt-downs, or major fussing. Well, there was some, I guess, but hardly enough to even notice. And given that I hadn't really gotten to visit with Michelle in a long time, there was lots to talk about, which always helps the drive go faster. It was a great trip! Although I didn't have a car, I was able to see lots of friends and family, and Lola got round-the-clock attention from her aunts, uncle, and grandparents. She's a spoiled girl. We both are.

Kenny held down the fort and got lots of work done, although whenever we spoke, he was usually getting ready for some party or get-together "for work" he insisted. Hmmmm. Either way, I'm glad he had lots to keep him busy.

Yesterday marked two months since my last day of work. The second month went a lot faster than the first. I feel like I finally have a rhythm. I know what I need to do to feel balanced and accomplished at day's end and have finally found a good pace for this new life-style. I still miss my job occasionally, and I have yet to really come to terms with the loss of my income, but we're all doing pretty great. Insert huge sigh of relief.

Some things making me happy:
  • Raising Hope and Traffic Light (boo that the latter one just got canceled)
  • the Nike Fit app on my phone
  • longer gym sessions,
  • my walking toddler and her cheesy grin that scrunches up her nose...even when it's dripping with drool. Also I love her animal sounds and her newest phrase "Hi Dadeeeee"
  • my attentive, patient husband,
  • the occasional facial (a Mothers' Day gift from the aforementioned husband; way better than a massage),
  • beach days (and a baby who loves them as much as I do),
  • watermelon,
  • Ted.com (I'm obsessed...it may actually be a problem),
  • family,
  • warm, pretty light pouring in through my front window.

Some things making me not so happy:
  • The fact that Traffic Light was just cancelled (so bummed)
  • not having my own washing machine/dryer (it has been 10 years since I've enjoyed such a luxury and the endless search for one more quarter is getting old. REALLY old.)
  • menstrual cycles (I made it 10 months after having Lola before those come back and I did not miss it one bit)
  • age spots
  • people rejoicing over the death of Bid Laden - I get it, I guess, but I still have a hard time being happy over the death of anyone,
  • not getting a regular paycheck and watching that account's balance shrink,
  • poop (is it possible to potty train a 12 month old? Realistically?)
  • the fact that my gym will only show reruns Charmed as the only non-news, non-sports option at the gym at the time I'm there,
  • the fact that I can no longer justify my membership to 24 Hour Fitness' Ultra Sport gym (I loved that gym...)
  • that all my clothes seem to be covered in snot, drool, or food all the time.
  • teething/colds

Looking at the "bad" list, I must say it's pretty shallow on the whole. Which is great. No complaints here!

(Universe, do not take that as a sign to send me something awful. Just let me enjoy it for a bit...)

I'm a bit random right now...oh well.
Good night.


Elise said...

I'm jealous you've eaten watermelon recently. Oh how it reminds me of the lake :)

That's a bummer about canceled shows. We just found a new one that will hopefully stick around: Happy Endings.

Amy said...

So glad you stopped by when you came into town, I wish we would have been able to get our babies together too. Next time you guys are here, we would love to have you over for dinner, so make sure you save room for us!

I remember when aunt flow visited me for the first time after Axel, it was our Anniversary, my hormones were all over the place, I had like 5 breakdowns and life just felt impossible. So I hear ya!

Robin said...

Can I agree with COMPLETELY with your comment about Charmed, I want to know what people see in that show and why it is on NOT ONE BUT TWO of the 8 tvs at the gym?!!!! Thank goodness for CNN offshoot (HLN is it?) or I would never do cardio:)