Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A belated Happy Birthday

My mom turned 40-something yesterday. (Happy Birthday, Mom!) While we wished we could have spent the day with her and taken her to do something fun - or at least kidnapped her from her job for a bit - Lola and I instead spent the day at the beach in her honor. We're thoughtful like that.

If my mom had been with us yesterday, she wouldn't have minded the wind. She would have buried her feet deep in the sand and turned her face toward the ocean and then up to the sun, likely with her eyes closed and smiling big, almost to herself. She grew up in Southern CA and the Pacific is in her blood. She is, however, an equal opportunity ocean lover - she raised two young kids on the east coast and made sure my brother and I spent plenty of time splashing in the north Atlantic. I am a sucker for a lighthouse and a grassy beach.

Anyway. I'm grateful for moms. But truly I like mine more than others. Today I passed an old man walking home along a busy rode struggling under the weight of a single grocery bag and found myself (after a brief inner debate) turning my car around to offer him a ride (which he, of course, refused). I continued on my way home in tears. Crying because I'm a sucker for old men. Crying because I am my mother's daughter and I cry over everything (privately). Crying for reasons I didn't really understand and could never articulate. And finally crying in gratitude for a mother that must have demonstrated similar acts of kindness and compassion throughout my life. I can't remember a specific instance at this moment, but doing it myself felt familiar and natural. I notice I too often dismiss good intentions or reason my way out of performing good deed. I need to stop doing that. I prayed this morning to be a good mother and even though Lola was oblivious to what was happening, I felt like stopping to offer assistance to that man was the answer to my prayer. And then I felt grateful that I've had good parents who were good examples.


I don't really know where I was going with that. I guess I just wanted to wish my mom another Happy Birthday and, for some reason, on her birthday or Christmas or on Mothers' Day I always end up assuring her that I'm trying to be a good person as if the best gift I can give her is to remind her that I'm not a total screw-up. I'm sure she appreciates it, but I'll bet she'd really love some jewelry, a night out, or a vacation, too. Maybe next time, Mom. Anyway, I hope Utah gives you lots of good weather so you can wear the dress/sun hat/sandals I sent you to your local pool LOTS this summer. Universe, be nice to my mom. She's a good lady.

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Kory said...

I second that, she is a good lady!