Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Weekend Visitors.

We had lots of visitors this weekend, and unfortunately we didn't get photos of everyone. Bummer.

Our first All I can say is that sometimes growing up is pretty great. There's something to be said for maturing and gaining perspective. The boy I dated all through high school (Jon) and his wife (Diana, also a friend from high school ) and their new baby (Opal) came down. We all hit up Disneyland on Friday and then Diana and Opal joined us and my cousin's family at the beach the next day.

The first thing Jon said to me: "Jill. 10 years? Wow. And you're holding my baby."

I'm not sure I even articulated a coherent sentence. Rather I think I just mumbled something about Opal being super cute (which she was). And that was that. Then we just hit the rides.

And I had a lot of fun.

Time has passed and I don't think too often of my high school days; however, I will say that I can breathe a bit easier about that chapter of my life after this rendez-vous. I finally let go a little bit of the guilt I've been carrying around about the horrible way I ended things with Jon and really the way I ended relationships with virtually all my friends from that time. As I've finally started reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances I'm always so happy to learn that most of them have turned out to be fantastic people.

A happy conclusion.


Amy said...

Haha I love this! I am so glad you guys got together! When I saw the above post with opal I was like WHAT? But I am proud of you all, Jon and D are great people, and so are you and Kenny, so naturally you should be friends. ha

Amy said...

PS, I know the feeling all to well of ex-boyfriend run-ins and such, and saying really stupid things. I have had my fair share. :)

Amy said...

PPS-I do have to pat all of you on the back though, because even though I think Jordan and Syd are fantastic people I can't see Kory and I going to Disney Land with them. haha