Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Tieks Visit.

This is my cousin, Jason - the closest in age cousin I have. He and his hot wife, Melissa, and little girl Evelyn (sp?) were in town this weekend. The weather was great so we hit the beach. (Corona Del Mar, specifically.Melissa may have the best post-baby body EVER.

There were three babies: Lola (10 months), Evie (6 months), and Opal (2 months). For the first time, Lola was the Big Kid. She lived that title up and made sure to take anything Evie was playing with. Awesome.

I didn't get any photos of the Brownings at Disneyland the night before, but Kenny caught this one of Opal. I love beach babies.
And here's one with Diana's hand to prove she was there. Why didn't I get any others?! I blame Kenny; he was unofficially on camera duty that day.
And here's one more of Evie
Given that we live in Orange County, one would think family would visit more often than they do. Oh well; we'll take what we can get. We topped off the day with shopping and dinner at Beach Pit.

It was a good day.


Diana and Jon said...

That was super fun getting together with you guys. D land was amazing....thanks for guiding us around. Also thanks for letting me crash your family get together at the beach....and sorry Opal cried almost the entire time. Melissa does have an awesome post baby body, but I still think you win. I remember your pic like a week or something after you had Lola! You should be my inspirations to get back to my pre baby body. I was kicking myself as we drove back when I realized I hardly took any pictures! Not even of Opal's first time at D land. Oh well next time I'll be better. Thanks again!

Melissa Tiek said...

Thanks for meeting us Jill! It was so fun to spend the day with you guys. I love the pictures...and Lola's swimsuit. :) And you have a pretty amazing post-baby body yourself.