Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lola at the beach

I have so many photos of Sweet Dee at the beach...and for some reason haven't posted most of them. So, here's a few...
Lola, in the foreground, about to make a bee-line for the waves.

She loves the sand. Mostly she loves eating it. (Which means I spent the day pulling drift wood, shells, and even a cigarette butt (GROSS) out of her mouth.)
In an attempt to mad dash into the water, our crawler tripped over her arm and face planted. She didn't love that.
She also didn't love that her Daddy wouldn't pick her up (too sandy and too wet, he said.)

So I saved her.

She might be a bit spoiled. When cousin Evie was getting too much attention from her dad, Lola climbed on up and made sure Jason gave her some attention, too.
She was pretty proud of herself.
I love that little body.
As a side note, our Middle-Eastern substitute pediatrician told us at Lola's last visit that "Lola was a bit pale and needed some sun."

For real.

I didn't remind her that Lola is a baby - a Caucasian baby at that - nor did I point out that it's the middle of winter. I can only assume she was suggesting that Lola was vitamin D or K deficient. Either way, Lola took care of that as she would not stay under the umbrella and kept ripping her sun hat off. I'm guessing beach visits this summer will be a lot less relaxing. Fun!


Amy said...

So stinking adorable! I am so jealous you live close to the ocean. I haven't been to the ocean for many many years. It actually makes me sick to my stomach when I think about it. Axel played in sand for the first time just the other day, sad. He didn't even know what to do with it. He just kinda looked at me like, huh?

The Brady Bunch said...

I love her little suit! I wish we lived close to a beach, especially on days like today...its snowing in Utah :(

jenn (+ will) said...

so adorable!!!!! i want to come to the beach with you guys sometime!

Michelle said...

She is so adorable Jill! I am sad I missed the get-together. My kid was sick and not so cute. I just caught up on your blog and saw the job quitting post and I wanted to add my Nice going! You are brave, and will always be successful in whatever you decide to do.

Bek said...

bieber fever's got nothin' on my lola fever.

Emily Ruth said...

OMG I want her little swim suit! So Cute!