Monday, March 28, 2011

Catch Up - November 2010

November...before I forget.
I started my big Christmas project:
I spent some time in UT with my fam. My dad oversees the UVU team competing in the Ethics Bowl and my brother is on the team. This year, they made it to nationals! Pretty cool. So we went out to celebrate. Anna, once again, demonstrates her knack for making awesome faces.
Lola had some baths in Grandma's kitchen sink, which she loved.
And spent most of the month playing with us and rolling/sitting around the apartment.

(Love those chubby arms, wrists, hands, and toes...she's already thinning out, so this is so I can remember.)

It's crazy how much she's grown since these were taken. Pretty awesome.
That's all.
Next up: Christmas 2010! (Finally.)

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