Monday, March 28, 2011

Catch Up: December 2010, various activities.

So, this isn't technically my Christmas post, but here's some of December's activities.

Along with Kenny's sisters and their families we made the trip to the Ritz Carleton in Laguna to see the Christmas displays. Always a fun time, but this year was particularly interesting now that we've doubled the kids. We attempted to get a picture with all four...

This was the best one.
Not that we didn't try. A lot.

This next one is blury, obviously, but whatever. I still like it. Lola and Lucy. Born just 12 days apart. They're both turning 1 this month!
A tired girl..
Hud treated us all to fresh baked gingerbread cookies.
And here he is with his nieces.
And here's the Ritz's Christmas gingerbread display - that's ALL candy, folks.
Some of our minimal decor..

And some progress on my Christmas project.

And my family (minus Ryan) hamming it up around SLC (after Christmas.)
And of course, Lola shots. She was scooting at this point, but not quite crawling. (7-8 months old.)

And, my office celebrated the season by bowling. Again. I broke 100 on the first round, and broke 40 the second. So much for getting better.
Yes, that I did work with that creepy guy behind me. (Congrats, John! You made the blog!)


The Brady Bunch said...

Those are a whole lot of cute kiddies!

Diana and Jon said...

The last picture of you with that guy behind you is freakin' me out!

Amy said...

I love it! I love your board too, I have been wanting to make Axel and now baby number 2 one as well for their room but can't narrow my ideas down. I like what you did to it.

Lola is so darling

Bek said...

k, i'm back in socal now. when can i babysit?