Monday, March 28, 2011


An update? Sure.

Being a stay at home mom is an adjustment, to say the least. A few observations:
  • There is so much TIME in a day. Seriously. A whole lot. Granted, my apartment is tiny, our needs are relatively simple, and i only have one child; thus, there's not a lot of demands on my time. But WOW, there's still a lot of time. The change of pace in my daily routine was drastic.
  • Even with a ton of time on my hands I don't get much done.
  • The days started to run together pretty quickly. By the third day in, I had already lost track of what day it was. Friday? Saturday? What's the difference?
  • If I don't want conversations with other moms at the park to revolve solely around kids and childcare, I have to introduce the subject.
  • is wonderful. I'm addicted. It feeds my nerd needs.
  • It's so much easier to be a mom when I'm with the girl all day. When I'm with her all day I can subconsciously anticipate her needs and wants. In all, it's much less exhausting to keep her happy without all the guess work I was enduring after a full day's work at an office.
  • I crave routine. Or at least some sort of loose schedule.
  • It's really easy to want to tell Kenny all the banalities of my day the second he walks in or calls to check up on me. I have to remind myself that if they weren't all that interesting to me, they aren't going to be interesting to him. I just get really excited to talk to him.
  • I need to get out of the house at least once everyday.
  • While I miss my job - and the security of that semimonthly paycheck - I love this. I do. I really do. (Even if I have to remind myself of that fact sometimes.)
So there you have it. Actually, there's more, I'm sure, but I'm bored. Time for something else.
Like a shower. Before my girl wakes up.

Oh yeah, my girl has her third ear infection. This one came with a 103.4 degree temperature and a listless baby. I foresee a full day of cuddling today. Is it weird that I'm excited? This is the first time I'll actually get to be home and take care of her myself during an illness. The lack of guilt has me positively giddy! Happy Monday!

(Check me out; I remembered the day!)


whitneyingram said...

Regarding conversations about things other than being a mom: You should read this.

I think you will like this.

Kory said...

I'm glad you're enjoying being at home. And if you want to share some of your extra time during the day, I could use all the extra time I can get.

Justin + kelly said...

I'm glad you are liking your new found job! It is quite the adjustment, but so worth it! And it's amazing how much little can get done in a day, right!