Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Halloween 2010 - catch up.

Sure, it's 2011, but how about some 2010 catch up? It was a big year for us and we were busy living it. Now that we're in the post-holiday lull, maybe I'll post some stuff so it's not lost forever on our external hard drive.

So...Halloween? Sure, why not. It was my first baby's first Halloween. I have to post at least one photo, even if it is a crappy one. (It's one of the only ones I got.) The costume was thrown together last minute, of course, and was inspired by her moccasins, which she was about to outgrow even then (although I continued to stuff her feet into them until mid December). I LOVE those shoes. Not knowing the gender beforehand really limited what clothing I could buy before her birth. So I didn't buy a thing. Except these moccasins. So, in honor of the shoes she was the whitest Native American I've ever seen.
A few things about this costume. She HATED that wig. But, other than the mocs, it was my favorite part. So she bawled while I forced it on her little 6-month old head, but she eventually resigned herself to the fact that she was stuck with it. I'm an awesome mom, huh?

2nd...by the end of our church party I was SO over being asked if she was Pocahantis. I get where they're coming from, but really? Does it ALWAYS have to be a Disney character? And if so, couldn't it be a cool one, like Tiger Lily? We amused ourselves all evening by looking confused when people would ask and then replying, "No, she's Sacagawea." or even Squanto or Tonto, or any other famous Native American character that has not been immortalized by Disney. (I should note that I have nothing against Disney; I actually love Disney movies...the old ones anyway. I just think we have precious little time before that's all SHE will want to be. This year was MINE.)

Anyway. I loved and thought she looked awesome. The End.

I'm feeling more caught up already!

PS - I bought the mocs here.


lyndsey said...

i for one am quite in favor of the catch up posts; please continue. and jack has mocs too!! love those things around here.

heather said...

it's so true jill. my daughter wants nothing but a disney princess birthday party this year and i'm having the hardest time trying to figure out how to make this party not cheesy. enjoy the years you have. i LOVE the costume & especially the wig.

US! said...

She looks sooo stinkin cute! Youre so dang creative! Kudos...

Melissa Tiek said...

I love Lola's costume! She looks so stinkin' cute.

Bek said...

my sister and i died at the same time when we saw this pic. lola is triumphant!