Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Beware of the Pride Cycle.

This morning I was running a tad late. Our poor girl has been in and out of her first fever the past few days (I think she’s actually teething) and last night she just could not get comfortable. Or, in other words, she couldn’t sleep. Which ultimately means WE couldn’t sleep. Given that I have to get up early and go to work, Kenny was the one who ended up finally pacing the house until the fever broke and then they both crashed on the couch. (I have a great husband, huh?)

Anyway, I was slow to get out of bed and had no time to throw together a breakfast. Also, we haven’t been to the grocery store in three weeks. So there isn’t really any food to throw together period.

This is going somewhere I promise.

So I was late and hungry this morning. A stop at Jamba Juice (for a small, “Jamba-lite” smoothie and oatmeal) was necessary. Unfortunately, I was less than graceful in exiting my car upon arriving at work and dropped the smoothie. Which exploded. All over the white jeep parked next to me. And I was left with a third of the already small portion. I consoled myself by noting how much fewer calories I would be consuming as a result of my blunder. Yay! Less calories! Plus I still had oatmeal!

Here’s the pride part. Not only did I NOT let my overly tired self succumb to hungry tears, I put a positive spin on it all. Go Me, being all mature and positive and stuff. (Seriously. I actually gave myself a mental acknowledgement for my good attitude.)

After settling in at my desk and polishing off what remained of my smoothie I trekked to the break room to add some mile to the oatmeal. And then proceed to - you guessed it - drop my oatmeal.

Which also exploded.

Into somebody else’s cubicle.


Lesson: beware of pride. Just when you start feeling pretty awesome about yourself, something is all ready just waiting to shove you right back down to a state of (hungry) humility.

Ironically, the girl (who occupies the cube I splattered with my breakfast) jumped up to help me clean the mess I made. While wiping the carpet she cheerfully says “Well, it’s early. No one is here yet to see this, so at least your pride’s not hurt, right?!”

Oh, if only she knew.

Oh yeah. Happy New Year. Hope you're getting off the a better start than I.


Elise said...

At least it happened all in one day, right? Sorry about that. By the way, I got a mini blender for Christmas and it's perfect for throwing small frozen fruit and juice in. You blend and then the container turns into a cup. No clean up and you're ready to go. Just a thought. Also just read that McDonald's is going to start selling steel cut oatmeal too, using Coach's Oats. It's supposed to be cheaper than Starbucks and Jamba Juice.

Bek said...

life lessons are just the worst.

Ashley Thalman said...

We don't know each other but I have basically been stalking every single pic of your redamazing hair for the last two months.

I am an old friend of Kenny and Amelia's and Buffy's best friend...

I have some hair questions. I would email you directly but I can't find your email address. If you would be willing to help a sister out email me at: