Sunday, January 30, 2011

Catch up - Lola meets (a lot of people), July 2010

So...Lola's had a lot of people to meet. Between both her parents, she sort of was born into a HUGE family. Lucky girl! (again, 2-ish months old in these photos, for the record.)

Her Great Grandma (and name sake) and Great Grandpa

Maddi sorta LOVES her.
And Laura (who may have the most flawless skin I've ever seen in person; I'm jealous). Drew, in the background wasn't so into actually holding Lola, but I think he liked her.

Lori and Steve love her, too. Like I said, she's a lucky girl.
Dallin, we more recently learned, has the magic touch. He's one of the few people who can get her to sleep while holding her. A rare gift indeed.
Maddi and Casey. (By the way, they're engaged! Yay!)
And here's our girl with my Uncle Greg, and Aunt Tiffany (and two of his four kiddos, Cali and Jace).
Brett, Kenny, and our girl

For the record, I was there, too.
I love this shot. Crazy to realize how much the Girl has changed in such a short time.
In short. We love our family. We also got to see a ton of Kenny's family on this trip, but I have NO photos, which I'm really bummed out about. To them, please know we love you, too. Very much.

That's all.


Bek said...

if i move to socal, will you guys let me babysit her all the time?

Madi said...

Yay!!! We finally made your amazing blog! I actually gasped air when I saw my picture. :) We miss that baby! Hopefully we get to see her and you in August for our wedding! (I just put "hopefully" to be polite. We REALLY want you guys to be there!)