Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This was Lola's reaction to her first taste of something other than breast milk. She had just turned six months old and I believe it was squash...
Despite what this face suggests, The Girl has been pretty great about eating. I credit Ella's Kitchen baby food pouches for making that happen - their stuff is the best (with Plum Organics baby food pouches a close second).

Actually, I should say that she WAS pretty good about eating until a recent ear infection seems to have "refined" her palette. She's refusing all kinds of traditional baby food and has seemed more interested in whatever we were eating and so I finally gave in. I can officially tell you that she LOVES the following foods:

White Chili (loaded with onions and jalapeno. Seriously.)
All fruit and spinach smoothies
Parmesan and red pepper risotto
garlic roasted cauliflower
pineapple, mango, and cara cara orange salad
and (this is so far her favorite) Tom Yum soup.

As much as I hate this word, it seems our girl is an amateur Foodie. I watched her closely, and she's been fine. No crazy BM's (or lack thereof), no stomach aches, no gas, no rashes, nothing. Again, I credit Ella's Kitchen Baby 1 baby food pouches. They're Organic and have lots variety and interesting mixes. In other words, Lola was eating better than we were most of the time. More perks: they're easy to travel with and the veggie combos always have at least one fruit mixed in, giving it just enough sweetness that she'd eat every single mix Ella's offers. The "Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Blueberry, Apple" combo was The Girl's favorite.

Should be getting paid for this endorsement?! If only I had the readership that would merit that...oh well; I'll sing their praises anyway. Like I said, Plum Organics offers a similar product with some good mixes, but not as much veggie variety. Boon also makes spoons that you can screw right onto the pouch, but I found the spoons to be too deep - Lola struggled getting the food out.

Wow...I just rambled on for a whole paragraph about baby food. Does that officially make me a mom. That's my cue to end this. Good night.


oliver said...

Thanks for the tip...really. i am going to buy some. would it be a pain if i have to squeeze it out and spoon feed Davy?

This is obviously not oliver but his awesome mom.

Elise said...

It was so cute to see her eat the tom yum soup. Keep feeding her all kinds of foods, so she doesn't grow up not liking certain things cuz she never tried them. I'm not like that :)

Madi said...

Its true that rambling about baby food gives you mom status but thats a good thing. :) Plus you even make baby food entertaining to read about. That's talent right there. :)

Amy said...

I read actually once upon a time that mom's that breastfeed, their babies transition better to foods that you ate while breastfeeding. Axel was that way too, but as he got older he became more opinionated about what foods were worth eating...sigh! And even though we have very little sugar around our house, he knows where that is.

Kat Clark said...

I agree. Totally genius! I love the baby food pouch movement.