Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

Saturday we met up with Amelia, her boys, and Kenny's parents for soup and a trip to the pumpkin patch. It was really fun and I'm excited for next year when Lola can actually do stuff.

The lighting was capital-h-HORRIBLE, but we did the whole photo thing anyway. Sorta.

No, she's not going to be an owl for Halloween (yet), but I couldn't resist this hat.

Here, "Crappa" (aka Grandpa Mark) helps Sloan out in the petting zoo. Sloan was very interested in this goats, ahem, nether regions. In a purely observational sense. (I know you were worried.)
Yikes. Hudson behind the wheel. I though we had a good 11 years before we had to worry about that. He, of course, LOVED it.
Sloan was fearless on this HUGE slide. That's his tiny body way up there.
And, of course, more Lola...and us (with Lola).

The best part was that it was actually kind of chilly (i.e. low 70's). I actually wanted hot apple cider. Next time.


Bek said...

she is breaking my heart! i love this baby.

Kory said...

I have to say I love the picture of her laughing on the pumpkins.

The Brady Bunch said...

She is way too cute!!! I LOVE her hat!!!!!!

Amy said...

Very very adorable!

dressparty said...

OK so I NEEEEEEED all these pictures for ME to have and enjoy all the time - I just love how you photograph - You are so amazing and I am so pleased at how talented you are - Yes this night was so much fun and really a great memory - hence, the slide, animal farm and the huge pile of pumpkins for you to take yur family picture with - I love you kids and especially your darling daughter!!!!

Jennifer said...

Lola is soooo cute! I agree with Kory, I love the picture of her laughing on the pumpkins.