Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My family visits.

Sometimes my extended family comes in to town and remembers to call us. Not always, but occasionally. We really love it when they do. Especially when it means we end up at the beach on the BEST day and get to have Pedro's for both lunch and dinner. These times happen too seldom, so I have to document it when it happens.

Ben and Sheri...
again, but right-side-up this time and with Miley.
More Miley...
Staci and Tyler...awww.
And more Miley. Hearing her say "Lola" may have been the best part of seeing them.
Sheri dances. Who knew?
Sunset was BEAUTIFUL.

Oh, Tyler. How kenny misses you especially.

Now for a quick PSA from Kenny:
Pedros Tacos may be awesome in every way, but you may think twice before eating it for two out of your three daily meals. Unless you really enjoy spending the next morning (and early afternoon) indisposed. Seriously.

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