Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wahoo! It's a birthday!

ATTENTION: So. Cal. Residents...or tourists if you're in the area:

With the presentation of a flyer, Wahoo's Fish Taco will donate 20% of your meal purchase to The Down Syndrome Association of Orange County. Go the the DSA/OC's blog (here) and follow the link to download/print the flyer and then go enjoy a Blackened Fish Bonzai Burrito with Green Sauce (or whatever else tickles your fancy). You can do good and eat good all at once. Not bad.

Now, not related to the above subject...

Happy Birthday to the Little Brother! I love this guy. As we're only 18 months apart and spent much of our youth stuck in an apartment on the 18th floor, he was often my only playmate and he continues to be one of my favorite people and one of my best friends. Plus, he let me boss him around for a really long time, so I owe it to him to at least like him. So, Ryan, for all those times you let me dress you up like a girl and call you Maria, I wish you the happiest of birthdays and I hope today is fun, exciting, and overall wonderful. I'll try to actually get your gift in the mail this week (TRY being the key word). Love you.

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