Saturday, March 6, 2010

Flying High

So last month my cousin called and mentioned she and her husband were in our area...they'd just decided last minute to fly in for a few days from Northern California. By "just fly in" I mean her husband geared up their plane and they literally flew themselves down.

Awesome, no?

In discussing what we could do, they suggested flying down to Oceanside to visit with some more of our cousins...and who are we to turn down a night-flight on a private plane?

It was, of course, wonderful getting to see some family, but I think the highlight for Kenny was getting to actually fly the plane for a few minutes.

Taking the controls
Getting some instruction from Jamie.

And being REALLY excited.

Fast forward to this week. 10 points to whomever can name this quote: "Please stop calling me the little guy; I'm in the 40th percentile." (Hint: it's from the BEST new show of this year.)

That's the same thing our kid might have said to my doctor when she sent me in for an ultrasound this week, concerned that I was "measuring small." The kid is fine (thank goodness) and is measuring in the 40th percentile. I'm just small, apparently. Yes, it made me really happy to hear that. I don't always feel very small...

So to celebrate our Kid-To-Be being apparently healthy and a proper size, I blew off my spin class and we headed over Disney Land to check out Captain EO. I was too young to have seen it when it was last shown...

It was awesome. And I look great in 3-D glasses, no?

We kept with our 3-D theme for the week and closed it out with a screening of Alice in Wonderland, which I liked. But I love pretty much all things Tim Burton, so I might be biased.

When you combine that with a work week that started out with our secretaries serving up mimosas at our 8:30 am staff meeting and a very positive experience at our first Labor and Delivery class, I'd have to see it wasn't a bad week. Not at all.

Actually the only bummer was having Jim and Pam from The Office name their fictitious baby Cecelia - one of the three names we'd chosen for a girl. Oh well, guess we're down to two girl names, but we still have five boy names.


Tyler Jorgenson said...


The flying looks fun.

rookie cookie said...

We have two girl names and I have announced that I get to choose which one and then Ethan can give her the middle name. Guess what he has chosen?

Uncle David.

Yes, he thinks he is pretty funny. Think of a cute little girl named Violet or Louisa with the middle name Uncle David. And of course he has to choose the weirdest uncle in the family.

Tell Kenny. He will get a kick out of that.

brett said...
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Amy said...

Manny from modern family, but it seems someone beat me... But I totally know who said it and we LOVE that show!

Flying, that is AWESOME!

Amy said...

PS Axel is in the 40th percentile, pretty much and yesterday people kept telling me over and over how HUGE he is. So there you go...

lyndsey said...

BAM! modern family. our newest fave. and um...maybe you're so tiny b/c you're preg and still going to spin i've only been to the gym twice in the past month.

and wow, 5 boy names?? i'm impressed. we are seriously struggling in that department. maybe if you end up having a boy you can share w/ me the alternative names that didnt make the cut :)

Elise said...

I wasn't sure if that was one of your names or if you thought it was a horrible name.

Bek said...

you have the best life ever. also, i dig the new blog layout.