Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So my mom and sisters were adorable and threw me a baby shower. And my mom has most of the photos - including the 31-week shot. I'll load them when I get them. It was great to see so much of my family...and they spoiled this kid! Seriously, I can't think of much else that I need.

On the same day, Kenny's step-mom, Kristee, also threw me a shower for that side of the family. Again, this kid is spoiled. I have so many blankets and books! - which I love. I left feeling overwhelmed with how fortunate we are to both have such close (and large) families. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos from this shower.

Anyway, after returning to CA, we went to a wedding on the 32-week mark and had Amelia take some quick photos. Kenny got in on the action:

Nicole (who's just three weeks ahead of me) got in on it, too.

Rather than get some after-church photos, we took a few during our Sunday morning walk on the Fullerton horse trails before church. Other than the mud, you'd never know it was pouring rain the day before.

One more thing - remember this post? Well after 8 months-ish I FINALLY got my permanent crown! I was really excited and here I am showing it off to Hudd. Lovely.

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