Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Goodyear Blimp

I've mentioned a certain colleague of mine that has a certain knack for social awkwardness, absentmindedness, and poor timing as well as a general lack of tact on occasion.

As a result of these character flaws, this well-indenting individual is often the unfortunate brunt of office gossip and teasing. I admit, I often take part...he just makes it way too easy! Today however, I just feel bad for him.

I'm not a particularly large individual - even at 7 1/2 months pregnant I'm actually kind of tiny. I can say it - i work really hard at it. So when this male colleague decided to tease me at lunch today by saying "Did you, Jill, happen to be floating above the Rose Bowl on Sunday? Dressed perhaps in a grey sweatsuit with with the word 'Goodyear' on it?" I knew he was only joking. I knew that - in his head - the statement was so absurd that one would have to see the humor in it. However, I AM 7 1/2 months pregnant and I FEEL sort of large and so it took me a second to compose myself and to finally just laugh. Unfortunately, this man made this comment when the room was full of other women - older women, all of whom have had children. Judging from the so-silent-you-can-hear-a-pin-drop feeling that pervaded the room at his comment, I wanted to yell out to him "Run for it! Hurry before they get you!" But I couldn't...I was still reminding myself he was joking and patching up my own self-esteem (which remains in tact, thankyouverymuch.) And the women's ridicule against him began to flow freely, turning nastier once he fled the room.

He did come back later, when I was alone, and apologize - very sincerely I might add. So in the end, I only felt sorry for him. I'd say that someday he might learn, but can you say that for a grown man in his mid-50's? A man with two teenage daughters? Will he learn? Perhaps not.

At least he's good at apologizing.

It may just save his life one day.


rookie cookie said...

The audacity.

When I was pregnant with Van (my fittest pregnancy ever), this incredibly obese lady in my ward would always tell me how huge I was getting. At first the irony was funny, but then it just got obnoxious.

Michelle said...

Wow! You really do look amazing. I can't wait to see what your baby looks like and what you are having. I wish I could have been at the shower.

Kat Clark said...

Jill I am so glad you work in that office. I get the best stories out of you. Like the umbrella and the train, totally classic and yet so tragic.

Also, let me just say that you are tiny and you should totally say that. It is so refreshing to hear a pretty, skinny girl say positive and true things about herself.

I am glad that the man in the office didn't ask you if you were having twins. I had a WOMAN, who had her own children, ask me that when I was 8 months pregnant with Jack. The skank.

SoCal Rogers said...

Another awesome post. You are such a wonderful writer. I felt like I was there. That happened to me once while I was pregnant. It was in my MBA class after the summer. A man with a very thick accent- kinda of like Borat (from the former Soviet Union) said to me "You have aaaa gotten fat". Keep in mind he said this in front of the entire room- most of them knowing I was pregnant. The other male students blushed and told him you can't say that to woman in American. It was over all awkward and people talked about it for months.