Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My 3-Day Weekend

A few things from this weekend...

When receiving compliments about an item, I hope to someday resist the urge to inform them of the “amazing deal” I got when purchasing said item. (But seriously, doesn’t scoring a deal make the item so much better?!) So if you see me rocking some new shoes anytime this week, just know that I got a pretty killer deal...I’ll try not to tell you about it, but know that I am really happy about it. Also, they were purchased with a gift card received from the Boss, so technically I didn’t pay anything for them. Even better.

Given that my husband generally prefers to live in a “happy bubble” and therefore refuses to watch the news or follow current events of any sort, it’s been surprising to see how attentively Kenny has been following the earthquake in Haiti. He checks for updates constantly. (This is the guy that was irritated that September 11th made him miss a flight...I should clarify that once I made him actually view the footage and explained the severity of the event, his attitude did change. He is a compassionate guy...when informed.)

You know the advice “Don’t grocery shop when hungry”? It should probably be modified to say “Definately don’t grocery shop when pregnant and hungry.”

Had I followed this council I probably could have saved myself the $30+ I spent solely on various citrus fruit last Saturday (i.e. grapefruit, honey tangerines, Satsuma tangerines, cara cara oranges, blood oranges, etc.). I will say, however, that combined with some carrots and an apple, it made for maybe the best juice ever.

I’ve been relishing lazy Saturday mornings. I fully realize that in three short months “sleeping in” will no longer be a possibility and I have thus excused myself from any guilt regarding my lack of productivity during this time. So if you try calling before noon on a Saturday, don’t expect an answer. I will be cuddled up to my husband soaking in these last days of “Jill-and-Kenny-only time.” Speaking of loving time with Kenny...

A few more reasons to love Kenny:

He will totally indulge you in a debate over which donut shop has a more enticing name: “Oh Those Donuts” vs. “Dippity Donuts” (located just blocks from each other on Newport Blvd.). This is pretty much as close as we get to arguing lately. It’s awesome.

When you whisper to him during sacrament meeting that you might want a dual sided projector someday (so you can watch movies inside or out) he enthusiastically whispers back “ya – and a wave pool.” And he’s totally serious. (For real. It’s even recorded on the “Dream List” he keeps in his journal.)

He keeps an ongoing Dream List in his journal.

He tells you to bundle up and then takes you for a walk in the rain Sunday afternoon. A dance-off may or may not occur on a certain bridge at the train station. (I may have totally won the dance-off, by the way. )

And then maybe he makes you watch demo videos of various wave pools.

All this, followed by a day off (thank you Martin Luther King, Jr.!) made for a pretty great weekend.


Elise said...

Sounds like fun! It was a pretty enjoyable weekend.

We will be hanging out at your house a lot in the future to use your wave pool.

Bek said...

honestly, i love how much you and kenny love each other. it's beautiful.

Desiree and Lars said...

You two are so perfect together...and I love your random thoughts. You should post a picture of the shoes...I'm dieing to see them now.

rookie cookie said...

For Christmas, my MIL gave Stephanie a projector. Dianne was so nervous that it was a dumb gift because she veered from her usual cute clothes and shoes. But everyone agreed that the projector might have been her biggest gift success ever.

Hope you are still feeling good with your pregnancy. When are you due?

Caitlin said...

Let's not forget "Freshhhhhh.... Donuts" and "Manna Donuts" both located in the Chino area.

Paul said...

can't agree more with enjoy sleeping in while you can. Might I add. enjoy doing what you want when you want and how you want while you can because pretty soon a baby will need to be fed, and sleep. Oh i miss the joys of sleeping in.

Amy said...

you gotta give into those pregnancy cravings tho, otherwise they will taunt you for DAYS. I remember spending way too much money on said items at the store during pregnancy because its just what I had to eat. Its a part of the territory. :) Don't worry the minute that baby comes out all your "normal" appetites will return like clock work.

AND when the heck are you due? Is it really in 3 months? Do you know what you are having yet then?

Kat Clark said...

Cute post. You make me smile and so does your relationship with your funny husband whom I've never met. :) I can not believe you are six months along! Where are the photos girl? I wanna see your bump!

k berrett said...

wow! news is finally reaching TEXAS that you are pregnant! so exciting! we are happy for y'all! it's been too long since I have been blogging - but I love love love reading your posts! have a great week! love ya