Friday, January 29, 2010

The Pool (or another post without photos).

While my colleagues might come across as conservative bankers, it should be noted that they all share a particular fondness for gambling. When the state jackpot is high enough, it’s not uncommon for a secretary to come around collecting contributions for a group effort to win. “Just think, Jill, we could all retire,” they tell me.

I tease my colleagues when they come collecting and such, but I don’t really participate in this custom; however, I am unwittingly a key player in the current pool – or rather my pending child is. The winning player will have made the most accurate guesses on the following variables: birth date, birth measurements, and gender. (And no, we do not know the gender. We are waiting to be surprised, and I’m loving the suspense! Also, I'm hoping that not knowing will save me from getting overly gender-specific gifts. Selfish, yes, but practical. I refuse to put a "little slugger" tee on a son or to dress a daughter exclusively in ruffles and various shades of pastels. Sue me.)

Anyway, the pool has slowly made its way around the office (to all 50 of us here in this unit). So now, my days are routinely interrupted with people coming to ask seemingly random questions:

  • So...are you measuring big or small?
  • When exactly is your due date? Were you early/late?
  • What do YOU think you’re having?
  • Were you/Kenny “big” babies?
  • Any contractions or complications so far?

Etc, etc. I must say, awkward as they may be, I prefer the questions to the uncomfortable stares I get from people analyzing the size of my growing waistline. (Keep in mind, I work with primarly male bankers.) They are all into it. All I’m going to say is that whoever wins better at least give me a 50/50 cut of the winnings.

I am the one doing all the real work after all.


Elise said...

If I were in the pool, I would vote for girl, although I think you're having a boy. Weird, I know.

April and Wes said...

ha ha... that's funny for the following reasons.

1. Wes keeps pooling friends and family and has a list on our fridge with the dates, etc.

2. We too are not finding out the sex, and it is fun!

Welp... hope you are enjoying pregnancy, and congrats by the way.:)

heather said...

that is so funny! i was JUST explaining to someone how smart you were for waiting to find out the gender because it would save you from trucks/sports or princesses/butterflies. smart.

Reader peter and Camillie kay said...

oh come on I want to see how dang cute you are pregnant. I want to see your fabulous style! PLEASE one pic? so are you telling anyone when your due?
I think its a boy.

Meikel said...

A wise decision Jill, I got enough "little sluggerish" type clothing to start my own baby sports league.

kristyn said...

Now you will get yellow onsies with Winnie the Pooh pasted--very largely--on the front. Oh, and teddy bear jammies--they are very gender-neutral as well. I've seen it happen.

Bek said...

let's do a photo shoot of your belly.

Kory said...

Girl, 7lb 4oz, 21 in. Put me down for that. I have no idea what your due date is supposed to be.

Aaron Thomae said...

Let me know what you think!