Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Love and Hate

This morning I woke up hating every member of my extended family (on my mother's side).

Maybe hate is a little too strong of a word...and I should clarify that my feelings stemmed not from anything they've actually said or done. Rather my sour sentiments came from something I dreamt they did last night. I'll explain.

I dreamt I was attending a family reunion at some park and, for once, every single member was in attendance. All was well and everyone was having a good time - myself included - or we were, until it came time for the family portrait. For some reason I was put in charge of this undertaking and I set about dutifully setting up the tripod and gathering the troops. The first attempt failed. Children were fussy, no one would listen, and everyone was more interested in making dumb (and dumber) comments trying to out-funny one another. And they weren't funny. The second attempt was interrupted by something else...I don't remember. And the third... on the third I finally had everyone set to where I could see them all (no small feat) and then tired to make a quick adjustment of my camera. When I looked up, ready to set the timer, they were all walking away, apparently having had enough. The dream ended with me sobbing in the fetal position on some park bench, utterly exhausted.

And then my alarm went off.

I awoke feeling similarly exhausted - and with the added bonus of a pounding headache and even a sore throat. (Was I actually screaming at them in my sleep?!) Anyway both the headache and the sore throat have since subsided, thank goodness, but I was still extremely irritated all through my morning routine and commute to work.

Kenny was amused by this all, of course, and listened attentively as I railed against my family. Or at least the family in my dreams. Anyway, I got to work and coincidentally found an inspirational quote on power of Familial Love in my inbox and then Kenny emailed me Og Mandino's essay on Love (recorded in "The Scroll Marked II"). Both were very good and have effectively softened my mood. So while I failed to follow Mr. Mandino's repeated recommendation to "...greet this day with love in my heart" I will try at least to finish it that way. I hope you do, too.

That's all.


Tami and Jon said...

I was shocked at first, but that is absolutely the best dream I have heard in awhile. :D

Bek said...

you're just great.

Amy said...

ah pregnancy dreams! aren't they the best most vivid dreams!?