Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On Wiener Dogs

I’m not much for pets. At all. I never had them growing up. (Well...we did have a few birds – a gift for my brother from a lonely, but sweet old man who hung out in our building’s lobby. However, those didn’t last long with my light-sleeping father in the house. Also, my sisters’ had some goldfish, but those don’t count.) Truthfully, I never really wanted a pet. I especially don’t now, in my adulthood. I figure when I want that sort of responsibility I’ll just have some kids. Anyway. Moving on. To enter for a giveaway the other day, I had to mention my favorite breed of dog.

Uhhh. Again, I don’t actually like dogs. I certainly don’t have a favorite type. And I most definitely know nothing regarding various breeds. My only appreciation for the animal (and really all animals) has been for the cartoon varieties, like Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. Remember that scene where everyone is walking a dog that looks just like them? I loved that. That got me thinking...if I were in that scene, what dog would I be walking? After some thought (and again, my knowledge of dog breeds is VERY limited) I concluded that I resemble a Dachshund aka "Wiener Dog" – at least in body. Long torso and short legs. Yup, that’s me.

Kenny found this website last night, full of photos of people who resemble their canine friends. The resemblance is uncanny in a few. Like this one:
So, which dog would you be?


Elise said...

We all know I'm a cat.

rookie cookie said...

This is so true. My sister looks just like her Yorkie. My mom looks just like her Westie. And my MIL looks just like her Shitzus. The other day, I let my hair air dry. I have a lot of hair and it's getting quite long. Once it was tried, I looked just like a cocker spaniel. It was so depressing.

Kat Clark said...

Hmm. Thick waist and short neck. A bulldog? I hate pets too. The thought of getting a pet makes me sick. You are so right about the whole "just have a kid" thing.

Bek said...

my parents loved the website from this post! i would be my dog, libby. i don't look like her, but we both love attention, eating, and going on walks. she's the dog version of me.