Friday, November 6, 2009

Things I learned at work this week.

It's Friday!!! Yeah! Here's a few things I learned this week:
  • When touring an oil refinery, bring flat, comfortable shoes. Black, snakeskin, platform heels will clash horribly with the bright yellow hard hat you'll be asked to wear. Also, there's that whole issue of safety or something. And comfort.
  • Males in the oil refining business really will not care about your appreciation for their impeccably preserved mid-century building and decor. Noticing his surroundings for what seems like the first time ever, Mr. Oil Refiner will inform you that his father (the company's founder) built, furnished, and "decorated" their office space in the 50s and he simply hasn't seen a need to update it - at all. After realizing that said male oil refiners take no interest in their office surroundings, don't continue to gush about it anyway. (Really, though, I couldn't help myself. It was marvelous. I want to live in that building...minus all the oil refining machinery surrounding it.)
  • Just because you provide, in advance, a detailed check list of all the information and documentation you will need from your client doesn't mean the client will provide it all. Or any of it. Actually, I'm pretty sure they won't even bother reading your carefully prepared list.
  • Your business colleagues experience bouts of road rage in traffic just like you do. It's best to act invisible at those times. Laughing at them will not help.
  • As professional as you might try to appear, if you're even remotely attractive, you will be hit on. Apparently, you can only hope to be taken seriously when your old and ugly. Or if you bring along women younger and prettier than you are. Or at least one with bigger boobs than you have.
  • It's really good that drugs and alcohol aren't allowed in my office. Judging by the way my colleagues employ peer pressure tactics to get the health-conscious to consume junk food, we'd probably have an office full of strung out drunks all the time.

That's all. In all, I'd say I've grown leaps and bounds this week. Thanks, Job, for providing such valuable learning opportunities. My resume gets more impressive every day.


Desiree and Lars said...

Hahaha...first off, I understand the client not even looking at the checklist. Mine don't either!!

Oh, and there are no prettier girls than you. You're a barbie. So get use to being hit on...Mmmm K?

And I love you wore those shoes there...I bet all the dudes got a kick out of them.

SoCal Rogers said...

Oh my... SO FREAKING FUNNY. I love the part about being hit on. You are so funny. Keep the posts coming they brighten my day when I read them!