Saturday, October 31, 2009

THIS EVENT just maybe redeemed all of 2009

So if I had a scanner I would have scanned and posted two things: my Mammoth lift ticket from Memorial Day, 2009 and the ticket from October 16, 2009.

Yeah; that actually happened.

I snowboarded (at an open resort - i.e. I wasn't hiking) less than five months after the prior season ended. Kenny and I were very happy people. So were the 4,500 other die-hards who showed up for Mammoth's sudden - and unusually early - Opening Weekend. It was crowded, but so fun. And because I've been accused of not posting enough photos, here' s a WHOLE bunch.

First, from Memorial Day 2009:
Me, then Kenny, at the top of the Gondola. It's really high up.

Overlooking Twin Lakes

Now October, 2009.
Look! We found Autumn! In Crowley. I guess one only has to drive five hours to the Sierra Nevada's to find it.
Mammoth Resort is located in a the town, Mammoth Lakes, and it was fun to finally be able to get to all the lakes. When we're there, the roads are closed and the lakes all frozen over. These next few photos were near Horseshoe Lake.

The photo below is barely edited. It is beautiful up there. (Twin Lakes)

A random grove of Gold.
I forget which lake had all these boats...but we stayed here for a long time.

Can you see why?

After day one of snowboarding.

In my head I looked graceful...

Again hanging out on some dock. I could have lived forever right there. In my tight orange snow pants.

Flirting with death at the dam...that is just feet away from a waterfall.
Oh, don't we all love taking photos of ourselves? And then oversaturating the colors?

Some fisherman offered to take a photo for us. Yeah! a photo together! (that we didn't try to take ourselves...) this one.
Mammoth, I Love You.


Elise said...

I haven't been to Mammoth since before Memorial Day. These photos make me want to go so bad. Hopefully soon!

Bek said...

you guys are sexy. i know i need to say something new, but it overwhelms me.

Riley Dane Parkinson said...

holy crap! youre photos are amazing jill!

Kristina said...

Jill, i know we've only met once, but i feel like we're friends, plus i have a picture of you on my blog so i looked at yours and THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading it. well done.