Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lost in Translation

My dentist has a pretty thick persian accent - which I love (some of my favorite professors in college had thick persian accents)...also his social skills are somewhat lacking.  Granted, he knows his stuff and he's a nice guy.  

I had to smile when I overheard him say the following to a patient (who had apparently not had her teeth cleaned in quite some time): 

"See, it's beautiful!  I love it.  You know why it's beautiful?  Because it was ugly before.  That's why."

(Note to self: get teeth cleaned regularly, lest my smile starts to look "ugly.")

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Kat Clark said...

My dentist is Asian and the last time I was there I thought I had a cavity. He put the x-rays up and said, "No cavities. Where are the cavities. You show me the cavaties!" That was that. I don't know if I offended him by saying I thought I had a cavity or what but really, I thought he could have been a little more positive about it. Anyway, foreign dentists are apparently like you said, lacking in the tact department. :)