Monday, February 9, 2009

And then Universe threw me a bone.

So unless you’ve read my prior post, the Universe’s efforts to compensate me aren’t going to seem totally justified. I’ll just assume you’ve read all about how the Ultra-Lame Fullerton Police Department royally screwed both Kenny and me over on Friday with matching (and totally undeserved) parking tickets. And how I was the bigger person and didn’t even complain. I’ll assume you feel for us and would agree that the Universe owed us one.

Well, Universe delivered.

The setting: Pei Wei at lunch time.

Note: the restaurant was very crowded and busy.

I ventured out of my comfort zone a little today and ordered a real entrée. (I usually stick to my usual Vietnamese Chicken Spring Rolls because not only are they delicious, but at only 200 calories max I can eat them without feeling the need to punish myself at the gym.) No, the rainy weather and my growling stomach demanded a warm filling lunch, so I ordered a new menu item: the Thai Mango Chicken.

My lunch companions received their orders quickly, and cooked to perfection. My companions were chivalrous and insistent on waiting for me to be served before enjoying their own lunch. We waited. And waited. And waited some more. I finally decided to make sure my order hadn’t just been misplaced – the restaurant was really busy after all. Before I could even say anything, the manager said, “Your Mango Chicken is on its way, I’m so sorry for the delay. It will be out momentarily.” Satisfied, I returned to my seat.

Not two minutes later the Manager delivered my lunch himself and handed me a gift card, apologizing again for the delay. Score! I love free stuff. I also love proactive people and excellent customer service.

So, because I like to give credit where credit is due, Thanks Universe for hooking it up. I don’t blame you for the idiocy of my town’s police department, nor do I think you should have to compensate for its unjust dealings with regards to me and my husband, but I appreciate it. I’ll think of you when I’m enjoying some free lunch in the not-too-distant future.

The only casualty of this experience was my diet. I’ll definitely be repenting on the treadmill tonight.


Meikel said...

you are a fantastic writer, perhaps I could hire you to convey on my blog what I am inarticulately trying to convey to my reader(s.) And I am glad the universe gave you the old hi-five.

Elise said...

Free food always tastes better than non-free food.

Freddy and Mandy said...

Ooo... something like that happened at a Pei Wei's for me too! I was waiting around for my lettuce wraps and one of their workers came over to my table with sweet and sour shrimp still steaming from the pan. "We accidentally made an extra one. This is on us..." Love it! Things like that seriously make my week. You know a certain police officer won't be enjoying any awesomeness from Pei Wei's any time soon...

Kat Clark said...

I have seriously been contemplating starting a new blog dedicated only to the downfall of customer service across the country. I am so happy that you were recognized and rewarded! Yay for Jill! Yay for Pei Wei! Yay for good managerial skills! I honestly feel really good about what happened to you even though I was totally and completely unaffected.

John said...

Mmmmm...Pei Wei. We love Pei Wei so much and would frequent their restaurant often. Sadly, the universe must have crapped on us because a month or so ago we stopped by our favorite Pei Wei only to see no light were one and it had been shut down. Now the nearest is on the other side of the city. :(