Friday, February 6, 2009


Who's the idiot that leaves 'fliers' on windshields in the middle of a torrential downpour?


The Fullerton P.D.
And the 'flyer' in question actually resembled something akin to, oh, say a parking ticket.
(At least those guys are thorough, Kenny's car had one to match.)

Anyway, Happy Friday (to everyone who's not a cop, that is - a certain Officer Holmes not included, of course)!

Note #1: Yes, I'm bummed. We were parked across the street from our apartment - in the same spots we've parked our cars for the last three years. Damn those cops! Luckily our pending weekend trip to Mammoth with the guarantee of LOTS of fresh powder has been very effective in lifting my mood. So truly it is a Happy Friday!

Note #2 - am I spelling 'flyer/fliers' right? Word's spell check is accepting them both...this is going to bother me...


lyndsey said...

so...i only know this because i studied communications in college and obsessed over language...but here's the diff between "flier" and "flyer." the i-version is for things that go on your windshield. the y-version is for things like frequent flyer miles or a proper name. i'm sure your life is complete now that you know that ;)

and sorry about the ticket.

Elise said...

My response would have been the opposite and wrong. It is something that I've never thought about before and now I am educated. Thank you for the post-college education. Rain and snow will definitely make everything better. Can't wait to see you in the morning!

Neal & Wendy said...

Haha...that post was the best. Thanks for still wishing my husband a "happy friday." We could use it!

Melissa Tiek said...

Actually...because of my love of English class (yes I'm a nerd)...I have been taught that they are interchangeable. And if you look them up in the dictionary they actually have similar definitions.