Thursday, February 12, 2009


I would have never guessed that the purchase of these gloves would make me feel so tough and empowered.
Pretty sure I can totally hold my own with these guys now.

Why is it then, that when I showed my new gloves to my husband, he just started giggling and saying things like, "you're so cute."

Can someone please tell him that I'm not going for "cute" - I'm a legit body builder.
Also, can someone please tell the guy in this photo how gross he looks. (Shudder.)

UPDATE: since people are asking, No, I do not plan to seriously body build.  Sure, I'd like to tone up a little, but I don't ever want to look like I pump iron. However, with my new super-human work-out gloves, I might even start using (gasp) EIGHT pound weights! (I rarely go above five. Honestly.)  My real motivation for the gloves was that I kept slipping off the chin-up bar and I hated touching the metal of my usual five pound weights.  That's all.  But I will say that with the gloves, I at least look like I belong in the weight section.  And somehow I feel less intimidated to be there. End of story.  


rookie cookie said...

My sister was a competition weight-lifter in college. She actually posted about it today.

Elise said...

I like being tough too. I would rather go bike riding with the boys than shopping with girls any day. You'll have to give me some weight lifting pointers. I always feel so weird in there by myself.

allegra said...

can't wait to see your new guns. i'm dying to get ripped again. ok, i've never been "ripped." but i do need to beef up a little.

i say props to you. go get 'em

SoCal Rogers said...

That is such a gross picture!

Kat Clark said...

Are you seriously going to enter a body building competition?! Cool dude! BTW, are that guys balls really that big? I thought steroids made your beans smaller? Hugh. Either way, deeeeeee-sgusting!

Meikel said...

I am so freaked out by that guy, but. cant. stop. looking.

heather said...

that guy is so gross! he totally reminds me of challah bread. really, if you don't know what that is, look it up.