Friday, August 22, 2008

She's everywhere.

So...random story. I was at a movie, mostly focusing on pacing myself to make my little box of Reece's pieces last at least through the previews, when I looked up and saw her. A long lost friend from high school - well, not really lost; she's living in up in NYC (thanks MySpace) and we've emailed recently, but still. Anyway, the weird part is that she wasn't in the theatre, she was on the screen, shilling for some cervical cancer vaccine. Weird, right?

Then, I'm perusing the archives of Childhood Flame (a blog that daily demonstrates how unstylish I was at 15 years old), and she (Ms. Flame) has posted several "fashion-inspiration" photos, and...there she is again! She's just walking down some street, yet managing to inspire some 15-year-old in Oregon.
I think this girl is going to the next big thing (if she isn't already). Louise, I hope you don't mind, but when you become a household name, I'm totally going to brag that I knew you way back when.


Neal & Wendy said...

Um, is this Blair from Gossip Girl? Because if it is, she's pretty legite.

Amy said...

OH I KNOW! we saw it too, and I was like HOLY crap, but it was her voice that gave her away. I know she is living the life she always wanted. I am proud of her, and all of her accomplishments.

rookie cookie said...

I think I remember her. I used to hang out with these two Dave's (Munoa and Smith) that went to Timpview. We were lifeguards at 7 Peaks. Anyways, they had a friend named Louise and she was hot. I remember well.

Kory said...

Is that a leather poncho?