Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Anniversary / The Blue Ladder.

First things first. Why is it that I crave Orange Bang (and fries from The Hat) really late at night. It didn't matter that I was almost asleep when I mentioned to Kenny that I could go for a creamy, frothy, delicious Orange Bang late last night. When Kenny hinted he'd be up for the trip, we were "dressed" and out the door. And The Hat never fails to deliver. Now I just need to remember to remind the server to stop jipping me by stuffing all that ice in my cup. I like my Orange Bang straight. Assuming, of course, that straight means without ice. I don't drink; can you tell?

Moving on to the real purpose of this post. My anniversary. Not with my husband, but with my employer. Two years ago I started working for CNB. TWO years. Definitely beats the four years I was with WBPC. Anyway, to celebrate this milestone, my boss is taking me to lunch. So I'll be seeing how expensive a restaurant I can talk him into. Can you say "Chilean Sea Bass." I can. Hopefully I'll be saying that at lunch today. So thanks City National (not an affiliate of Citi Group and definitely not related to National City) for a pretty awesome two years (minus the moment I broke down during training Boot Camp). Keep promoting me like you did last year and I can almost guarantee another two years, at least. Although grad school sounds soooo good. But that's a post for another time.
City National, where the Blue Ladder represents the way up for you!


cJb said...

Perhaps I should look into it, Wells fargo can be a pain sometimes.Do they have branches in Utah?

Jill said...

I'm sorry to tell you, Colt, that no, CNB doesn't have branches in UT. Actually, they don't even have a lot of retail branches here. We're a niche bank - we're the entertainment industry's bank. Other than that, we cater to mid-market business and high-net-worth individuals. Frankly, if I didn't work here, I wouldn't bank here. At least not until I'm super rich and or famous and then you can be sure I'd bank here.

This might be discouraging, but Wells is actually a very well run bank - particularly right now. If you're looking for an alternative in UT, Zions is a very well managed bank.

Thanks for actually taking an interest in this!

Aaron said...


I just hit my year mark @ Autobytel. Yay!

How tempted are you to look at the condo's/town homes being built right down the street @ Michelson and Jamboree?

Elise said...

I feel like my ladder is out of rungs and I am stuck in the middle. Blah! Congrats deserve it! And speaking of good food, I found a tasty indulgent food at Arby's....stuffed potato bites. Last night's pig fest was not pretty!

John said...

Your mention of Orange Bang just gave me the biggest craving. I have not had Orange Bang in years. I love that stuff. I used to get it everytime I went to a gas station, loved the whipping sound of the machine brewing it up. Thanks for the blast from the past. I will now be on the hunt for an Orange Bang!

Neal & Wendy said...

Jill! We're excited to meet you too. We've heard all but too much about the infamous "Kenny & Jill", so we're happy to put some faces to these names. And, orange bang is delicious. p.s. Don't ask us to tell you what we know about The Hat.