Saturday, July 19, 2008


I never knew I could love two people that 
  • (a) are not biologically related,
  • (b) didn't grow up with me, or 
  • (c) wasn't my super fun/handsome/kind/hardworking husband. 
But I am in love with these two little boys.  I love them to the point of tears when I see pictures of them like the few posted below.  (The faucet overflows only when I'm alone of course...heaven forbid anyone see me convey emotion.  Excuse the tangent, but as uncomfortable as I get when I have to see other people emote, it's even worse for me when there's other people around to witness me succumbing to my feelings.)  Anyway, my crazy-talented/beautiful/fun/stylish/creative sister/brother-in-law, Amelia and Hud Lyon, took these and I had to rip them off their photography blog to share (even though everyone has already seen them, I'm sure).  I had to do it.  Because I'm bawling and have to get it out.  Because they're so, so, so cute. Enjoy.

Sloan (or "Swoanie Bahwoanie" as his brother calls him) pictured with his beautiful mother, Amelia.

Hudson.  (enough personality/energy to exhaust a football team)


Elise said...

They aren't some of the cutest kids I have ever seen. They will have some competition from my nephew though. I know what you mean about loving your nephews so much. I can't get enough of mine. Today has been perfect!

Amelia . Lyon said...

Okay, you are too sweet! You are such a great aunt and Kenny is such a great uncle! I'm so glad that Hudson thinks that you are his girlfriend! I loved reading this post! Thanks again to you and Kenny for your constant support in caring for our boys, we love you guys! Can't wait to pay you back when you guys have kids of your own.