Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today, July 16, is the one month and three day anniversary of my five-year wedding anniversary. The day (like this post) was fairly anticlimactic, except for receiving these beauties.

Thanks sweetie!  They were exactly what I would have chosen.  He knows me pretty well.  As he should after five whole years (and one month and three days).  I also got to spend some one-on-one time with him, which is rare...unless we're driving somewhere, usually to meet people, so that was exciting.  We also ditched our dinner reservations (after having been seated and served beverages).  We just weren't digging the menu.  So that was fun as was the random Mexican place we found on PCH which was also really yummy.  The fact that we drove up and down PCH for two hours before finally settling on that particular restaurant was funny and a throw back to our dating days.  Actually, the whole evening reminded me of when we were dating, and we were more spontaneous and threw "plans" out the window and just had fun.  I can't think of a better way to have celebrated five years.  

Kenny, I love you.  I'm in for at least five more wonderful years (and one more month and three days).  And probably more.  


ruth said...

Congrats to you guys!!! I love days like those. You took them for granted and now they are cherished. It was good seeing you at Project runway, thanks for splitting the cookie!

Ryel j Photography said...

Awe you guys are so cute!! Congratulations!!!

Elise said...

I have never seen a more loving couple! You guys are an example for all (especially us!). Congrats!