Sunday, July 20, 2008

High School Reunion...without the awful name tags and akward converstaions

First a quick word from tonight's sponsor: "This post comes to you courtesy of an unfortunate (and unintentional) Sunday afternoon nap that has left sleep impossible and unattainable." I hate when this happens...anyway, on to the post.

Once upon a time, Kenny was 13 and had these two great friends, Freddy (left) and Blair (right).
Who after 16 years that included junior high, high school, missions, marriage, and children, became these guys:
And they're still friends.
A few weeks ago, Freddy and his lovely wife, Mandy (pictured below with the boys) invited Kenny and me, and Blair and his (also lovely) wife, Shanna, and their two children down to Oceanside for the weekend.  Rock Band was played, yummy food was eaten, stand up comedy was enjoyed, and a good time at the beach was had by all.  Warning: an obscene amount of pictures are to follow.  Enjoy!

Mandy, Blair, Freddy, Kenny
The boys.  Kenny finally figured out that he 's much better at the drums when he's standing and dancing to the beat.  He's so cute.
But what he really likes is the singing.  I have to remind him that the microphone will amplify his voice, but he doesn't believe me, so he scream/yells ("sings"?) instead.  His voice was completely shot by the end of the night.
Artsy Fartsy.  And who doesn't enjoy a good crotch shot.  I know I do.
Yes, I sang.  For real.  
But after scoring a sad 60%, I accepted the fact that I was not blessed with my mother's superior vocal abilities and took up the base instead.  When it was set on "easy mode" I rocked. 
The rock star, Shanna.
I love that Kenny's friends married amazing girls.  It makes it so much more fun for me.  Thanks Mandy and Shanna for your all around radness.  And yes, we know we're hot.
The next morning, the kids made their debut.  Mandy shows off her mini-me, Brooklyn.  Mandy, can I be you after two kids?  Can I be you now?
Tre studies the leash before the boys head out to surf.  I love how focused he is in this photo.  I also love that he thought our air mattress was a trampoline.  No sleeping in with kids around.  Love it.
Remember Shanna the rock star?  Nuff said.  Pictured here with her mini-me, Makensie.
Garret (sp?) demonstrates exactly how much he can fit into his mouth.  Who ever said sand wasn't delicious?
I *heart* Makensie.  Really I love anyone who will participate with me in making faces at the camera.  Kindred spirits.
This last one I ripped from Mandy's blog.  
Take a good look then go back to the first photo.  Not much has changed.  (Although I like how nicely Kenny  has filled out.)   Good times.

(Side note: remember the weekend we forgot about Kenny's car...for three days?  This was the same weekend.  I hope you can now understand the cause of our oversight.  You try to have this much fun and remember every last detail, like leaving your car parked four cities away.)


allegra said...

i love your friend mandy's mullet suit (as my sister would call it.).party in the back, business in the front. i have one just like it in green:)

fun times you're having! ...and i LOVE your red hair-very cute on you. also different from the usual and i like that.

Freddy and Mandy said...

So when do we do it again...and again...and again??? Too much fun! I'm stealing a few of your pictures too! Thanks for being rad.

ruth said...

Jill I just saw pics of you & Kenny on Amys blog. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Of course Amy did a good job, but you guys were easy subjects!