Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Catch-Up V2.0: The Big Hole

So in my last post, I mentioned we visited the Grand Canyon with my family. My parents, sisters, grandparents, and Uncle Doug & Aunt Kathy met us there for a few days of site-seeing and eating. Good times. (Lots of pictures...)
Mom and sisters checking out the view from the South Rim.

Anna... (try not to get dizzy. If heights make you nervous, stay away from the Grand Canyon)
I kept wondering...

Kenny demonstrates. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Doug (my dad's older brother - and Kenny's favorite.)
The sisters at a ruin
Jill at one of many, many gift shops
ruins or gift shop?
Grandma takes a break on one of Mother Nature's benches
We were having a cherry seed spitting contest off the rim. I caught Aunt Kathy just as the seed is forever sent to the hole. If in twenty years there's a cherry orchard growing on the south rim, I accept no blame. Later, my mom pretended to fall over the ledge, my dad pretended to jump, and Becca faked puking over the rim. My grandma was so proud.
Awwww. I *heart* him
Grandma puckers up for the camera (very very rare) with her man Glayde who was the hero with the binoculars. We saw condors! Can we talk about an uglier bird? Seriously gross...like a sunburned vulture. We were also almost attacked by spoiled squirrels. We got away, but the little boy with the ice cream cone wasn't so lucky. Collateral damage. We had to give the squirrel something.
The parents.
Kenny. Who needs crayons when you have condiments, utensils, and lemons. Again, my grandma was so proud.

Coming up: Bedrock and Williams, AZ. Hope you're ready.


Elise said...

The falling sign needs to be more graphic...that almost looks fun!

allegra said...

fun, fun! i love the one of you at the gift shop. way cool photo, and you're such a cute girl.

ruth said...

Your parents look sooo young. Are you the oldest?

Ashley said...

Hey- it's Ashley of Ashley & Jeff. I'm just stopping by and stalking from Jeff and Nicole's blog. I HAD to leave a comment because that photo of kenny "falling over the edge" is just really hilarious for some reason. Also- it's nice to put a face to a name with your gma and her hubby!