Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not that kind of Green

From Left, Jemaine and Bret

I digress from my "catch-up" posts to vent. I'm a little green right now. Not eco-friendly, tree-hugging, organic-eating Green (albeit I like all that stuff), no, rather I'm the jealous kind of green - the swamp thing, crazed covetous monster kind of green. Let me explain.

It's no secret that I love Flight of the Conchords ("FOTC"). LOVE them. Like, I would finally hook up my T.V. and "pay-millions-for-HBO-just to-watch-them" kind of love, or the "camp-out-just-to-see-them" (like those star wars people) kind of love, or the "I-want-to-have-their-collective-babies" love. I've blogged about them in the past, I've even visited their native land (New Zealand) and took pictures of their billboards, preordered season one, had memorized the first episode before it even aired on HBO, and even caved to becoming their myspace friend. I'm that dorky and obsessed.

Anyway, Kenny's been studying really hard for a test, so when Hudd invited him to the BPM Magazine/Chromeo after party at the Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood the other night, I encouraged Kenny to take a break and go have fun. He did and I went to bed early. Around 3:30am I get this text: "Bret from FOTC." I was too asleep to fully comprehend - and good thing, too, because I probably would have driven out there immediately in my PJs. So when he came home (about 40 minutes before I had to wake up for work) he wakes me up to tell me: I met Bret (pronounced "Brit") tonight. No more sleeping for me. So jealous. My consolation prize for being a supportive wife was the new issue of BPM with FOTC as cover models. The article is good, although you'd think the author could have at least spelled Jemaines's name correctly, and the pictures are better, but it's still not the real thing. I'm sad...and very, very green with envy. He owes me, big time.


Elise said...

You deserve to be jealous! I would be too! If I found out that Skyler met David Beckham while I was doing laundry (or something lame like that), I don't know if I would be able to forgive him. Hard to be happy for him when the green monster is taking over your body, but I commend your positive outlook anyways.

Bob Loblog said...

Hello Jill! Its Jordan Duke (Brown). Long time no see. I saw your pictures on Jessica's blog and decided to look you guys up. How've you been? I was in Philadelphia and walked into my hotel and who was in the lobby? None other than Jemaine! I was way to excited to actually talk to him, but later we got the hook up from their tour manager and went to see the show. It was amazing, of course.